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  1. Generally, at what angle will Jeep roll over?

    My wife would spotting by flailing her arms and telling me things like "Go the other way", "turn that one direction", "don't roll over that thing you just went over" Extremely good at details she is. :facepalm: I don't leave her responsible for directions either. I literally just wait until I'm...
  2. Water just pours in when it rains

    Apparently you. ;):like:
  3. My hood prop stolen

    One of the homeless guys needed a rat skewer for his BBQ?
  4. Rubicon hood decals on a Sport

    Ya'll might be looking at it wrong. Maybe he bought a Rubicon, and was mid-process on converting to a Sport?
  5. Bang like a Brick Landing on the Roof

    Ever had your hardtop hit by a falling mango? It'll scare the bejeesus out of you. :surprised:
  6. Non-Wrangler Owners Ask the Dumbest Questions

    Young kid, 20ish, walking past, sees the matching spare tire on the back and asks..."How often do you put this tire on?", my reply "when I get a flat, you?" He had a quizzical look and continued walking.
  7. UConnect - need subscription to connect my phone?

    This is true because there's 2 types of cables, a charging cable and a data/charging cable, you need a data cable for Android auto to work, so be leery when buying cheap cables on Amazon.
  8. First oil change before road trip?

    I agree with aldo about doing it with time to spare, so if something is wrong, it is identified while your still near home, and not half way to Kentucky.
  9. UConnect - need subscription to connect my phone?

    Make sure you have the Android Auto app on your phone, then you have to plug in the USB and start the app, or you can go into settings and have android auto boot up with bluetooth. This way when your phone connects to the radio via bluetooth, then plug in your USB, it will automatically start up...
  10. I am Looking for the best possible replacement battery for a Jeep

    I went with Duralast Platinum as well, and did both batteries. Even though my Jeep never acted up, the ESS hadn't worked in months (always "charging") , which was fine by me, but signaled an issue. Everything has been great since replacement.
  11. Cool lighting in instrument cluster??

    Never noticed that, but then my analog speedometer is usually off between 3-12mph from the digital, so I don't pay any attention to it.
  12. Test drove the Gladiator today...disappointed.

    My Sahara's bass kicks hard with the right music and recording. Not all recordings and sources have the ability to reproduce big sounds. ON another note, dropped the wife's Challenger off at the dealership for it's oil change on Friday, there were no Wranglers on the lot, and only 2 Gladiators...
  13. CR attempts to understand the Jeep thing

    CR used to do logical comparison testing on everyday items, that made them a good resource. Like televisions, refrigerators, cordless drills, etc. That's what made them a good resource, as you had no real way to get a comparison to find what might be the best for you and your budget. But now...
  14. I wish there was a ALL UP/DOWN JLU window option....

    I always do it in pairs, be default, I put my index and ring fingers in each set of toggles and do 2 at a time. :) I've gotten to knowing by sound that the rears are up or down, so unless I am lowering them to vent when parked, and want to keep them up inside the installed visors, I never look...
  15. Soft Top vs Besttop Sunrider for Florida Use

    I've been looking lately, at replacing my hardtop with a Trektop or a just do a Sunrider. Bestops products pages are coming up blank for me right now though.
  16. Ever race anyone in your jeep? Whats the reaction you get when you win?

    When I had my Mustang, it was always the ricers that pullup and rev it like they were getting ready to trim the grass edges. I should have know all those race stickers were each adding like 20hp. But it was the Lamborghini emblem on the tailgate that really gave it away. :)
  17. 2020 Jeep Wrangler lemon law questions

    In Florida, they actually give you a booklet on the lemon law when you buy a vehicle, don't know about Georgia though. But simply I think you have to have it to the dealership for the same issue like 3x with no resolution before you can invoke lemon law.
  18. Living with a Black Hardtop, in Texas.

    I third the window crack, and I have window visors so people can't see that they are cracked and ot keeps rain out, since I'm in South Florida and get a lot of rain. But it really helps keep the interior temp down while parked.
  19. Air conditioning on 2020 4cyl turbo unlimited JL

    Are you using auto-climate control?
  20. 8 year 125k MOPAR Max Care Warranty (best price)

    Just some info on extended warranties, for those on the fence. 55 percent of owners who purchased an extended warranty hadn’t used it for repairs during the lifetime of the policy Among survey participants who used their policy, the median out-of-pocket savings on repairs covered by extended...