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  1. Regeared on 37s. What is your mpg?

    Thanks limeade. My xterra overland rig gets 17 and the raptor is around 19 to 22 depending on mph so 18 is good in my book
  2. Regeared on 37s. What is your mpg?

    Regeared on 37s. What is your mpg? I dont want the complexity of the diesel so i am trying to rationalize the 2.0 pic of my current rides, wife's bmw doesn't count as mine right!?
  3. 2nd time out, 2021 diesel more issues , Round two!

    This is why after six wranglers and cj's I am currently driving a Raptor. My $74,000 raptor has been flawless over the 25k miles I've owned it. I keep coming back here debating between the diesel and 2.0 rubicons but I keep running into too many posts about build quality that I cannot...
  4. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    So are you saying we can order the v6 without the etorque now? I would forgo the diesel and get that with a supercharger if this is true
  5. 2021 Rubicon Diesel: Colorado Livin!

    I love how you matched the seats. I am currently in a raptor and looking at a picking up a diesel rubi but I have copd and need to go on a trail ride with one to see if my lungs can handle the exhaust. I also love the mileage your getting. Still snow on the ground at my house as well.
  6. Rangemasters JL Diesel Build

    okay my man...I have some questions. I have a serious lung disease so I am concerned about the diesel's exhaust smells in the cabin with top on and off while off roading at slow speeds; have you noticed anything. What mpg are you getting real world driving? i also have a jacked up back...
  7. I miss my jeeps

    So i have had 2 cj7's, 1 TJ, 1YJ, and two JkUR's I currently drive a fully loaded raptor. With all the fun that the raptor is I still long for the jeep lifestyle; doors off with the leg hanging out catching the breeze. .....Sorry I got lost for a moment in memories. Anyhow; The raptor is...
  8. Colorado dealers below invoice.

    let me know how it all ends up. I bought my raptor last march because I got tired of waiting for the v8 wrangler or the diesel to show jeep will be my seventh wrangler/cj and I would rather buy local.
  9. 40inch tires question

    i remember back when everyone said all these same statements about running anything bigger than a 33 on a dana axle. interesting how times never change. I was warned repeatedly that running anything over a 33 without 1 ton axles would just lead to failure back in my CJ and TJ days. I have...
  10. 40inch tires question

    seems to be very costly to add 1.5 inches of ground clearance. I live in colorado and frequent our great trails pretty much monthly; during the really cold months we hit up moab and grand junction. I may back off and go with 38's and a little extra skid plating. thanks for the input. My main...
  11. 40inch tires question

    will be ordering a JLUR diesel very soon and planning out the build. I have had 6 wranglers and cj's in the past so I know alot about lifts, tires, etc. I am looking into running 40's on the new jeep and I have been researching, with little to no avail, what it will take to run them. who is...
  12. Start of 3.0 Production

    dont worry...ill pick it up for you
  13. Have they dropped Mojito from 2020??

    went on the website and build a wrangler diesel with mojito as the color choice just a few days ago
  14. Start of 3.0 Production

    perk to working for the veterans admin....we are funded one year out so no shut down nonsense.
  15. Pricing Update

    diesel mojito rubicon...let me know when you can order them
  16. Start of 3.0 Production

    i have been waiting for years now on this diesel rubicon...i am about fed up and the raptor with end of year pricing is looking really good; plus I can actually have it in the next few weeks.
  17. Rough draft: Cost analysis of Diesel Wrangler

    diesel is cheaper than 87 here in Cheyenne and northern colorado maverick's as of last week when i last looked. I need forced induction to have any ability to keep up with traffic on the interstates up here at altitude. I live at 4900ft and work at 6100ft and recreate between 7000 and 14000...
  18. TFLtruck tests 3.0D 2020 Ram 1500 mileage.

    like i said "if true". then a 25 percent efficiency reduction for aero and rotational mass is realistic considering the weight difference. simple physics. to bad we do not know gear ratios and if the ram numbers were true. At the 2019 Ram 1500 announcement it was stated that the new drag...
  19. TFLtruck tests 3.0D 2020 Ram 1500 mileage.

    if true then 40inch tires on a JLUR should be in high 20's easily, may not even need to regear thanks to all the low end twin scroll grunt.