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  1. Katzkin Heated and Cooled seats

    Definitely search through the forum. Remember there being a few examples of Katzkin installs with cooled seats.
  2. Katzkin Leather Poll. Brown vs Red vs Black/Grey

    here you go: This is a site they give to installers to walk people through the process visually. Personally like the wings look with the contrast stitch and perforation.
  3. Katzkin Leather Poll. Brown vs Red vs Black/Grey

    I have a Sting Grey and did a Grey seat with black trim. Came out great. Personal opinion but Brown with Billet would not look great.
  4. Upgraded interior with Katzkin Leather!

    Mine work great. If they were any hotter they would burn my ass.
  5. Upgraded interior with Katzkin Leather!

    you can put them on without having to get a secondary heating element installed... it's exactly what I did (e.g. ordered from factory with heated cloth) and then replaced with Katzkin before I even took delivery
  6. NW dealer recommendation

    Let me know if you want to have them price match. Will put you in contact with the team there.
  7. Louisiana For Sale 7” Non Sirius Radio Brand new

    Any freaking idea on if this could be retrofitted for a JK? In the process of swapping out the girl's head unit now since those legacy UConnect systems are trash.
  8. Recommended Dealers List

    DM me and will give you a contact at Dwayne Lane. You'll get 7% under invoice with the referral. Contact has done a half dozen board deals already.
  9. NW dealer recommendation

    Can get you 7% + under invoice at Dwayne Lane CDJR in Everett. PM me for details, have gotten 5+ other board members this price without having to negotiate. PM me for details.
  10. The Leather Dash Option

    See photos below. Tried to match up the Sting Gray as much as possible. I was right around $1,650 all-in after taxes (WA state) for the install. Some of the things I did (two-tone, perforated, type of cross-stitch, etc.) added slightly to the base price for the install. Ordered the Cold...
  11. Android Auto will do everything but play music/Spotify on day old 2019 Sahara. Any fixes?

    Pixel 2 here and have no problem running Spotify. Haven't tried to do it in conjunction with Waze but have with other navigation.
  12. Katzkin leather or factory?

    Confirmed. You can also just buy the gap hider pretty cheaply and install yourself (30 min or less). Katzkin is a no brainer if you are going Sport (you weren't getting all of those interior upgrades regardless) or Sahara (you still get literally everything from a trim perspective sans the...
  13. to pay or not to pay for leather seats option?

    Agree on lack of transparency. This board was immensely helpful when I was going through the process. Not sure if it's a priority for everyone. I added it because I have a big chocolate lab who's often in the back with me and didn't want his paws to ever get stuck. Also have a JK with a cargo...
  14. to pay or not to pay for leather seats option?

    Intentionally did not include the gap hider (this is a pretty easy thing to order and install if you want it + it's cheap). If you get Sahara, all of those other things you mentioned are still included. Thanks for call out on the difference.
  15. to pay or not to pay for leather seats option?

    Yep - tons of different options in terms of color, design, perforation, cross-stitch, etc. Timed it up that I had my seat kit already with the upholster prior to my JL being delivered. I went and signed the papers, they picked up the car and it was back to me in less than 4 business days...
  16. to pay or not to pay for leather seats option?

    to pile on...this was cheaper than factory leather
  17. to pay or not to pay for leather seats option?

    Honestly go cloth and then do a custom Katzkin job if you want leather. Unless you are happy with black, the tan cream and now saddle interiors leave a lot to be desired + the quality isn't all that. Beyond thrilled with the custom job I had done, it exceeded my expectations.
  18. My head is spinning help decide Selec Trac and Sky One Touch please?

    I love the Sky Top but I don't think it is for you. Would suggest the dual-top option, especially if you plan on having skis on the roof or anything else during the winter months. If you are going to regularly be driving in the snow (multiple times per week), then Selec-Trac is a no brainer. I...
  19. BonusDrive $500 Cash Back Offer

    Just received mine today