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  1. Any brake specialists?

    Thank you. I am not bothered at all by the noise, it's not that loud. and the braking performance is the same. The main thing is to know that I can rely on the brakes. Other than that, I don't care much. I might look more into it at some point. I would like to pinpoint exactly the root cause...
  2. Any brake specialists?

    I have a strange chirping noise from the brakes and I can't find much information online. It's not the normal squeak you get with used pads (plenty life left in them). I jacked the front passenger side and removed the wheel. Pushed the ignition twice to get the brakes going, and had my wife...
  3. Chirping noise when moving (not wind noise)

    Ok, I figured out the source. It's one of the front brakes... If I put it from park in neutral, release the brake pedal and start rolling down the driveway, I can hear the chirping just as I release the brakes and it starts moving. Every time I do this there is chirping when I brake, but...
  4. Chirping noise when moving (not wind noise)

    Definitely not wind noise at 1 mph. After driving, the Jeep sat for a couple of hours in 90 degrees F, so I guess it was still kinda warm. I'll have to check though if it makes the noise after driving it for a few minutes.
  5. Chirping noise when moving (not wind noise)

    It comes from the front half of the vehicle. It's audible only when in D or R. If I put it in N as I roll, it stops.
  6. Chirping noise when moving (not wind noise)

    My 3.6 has started making a slight chirping/crickets noise when in D or R. It's audible at very low speed, like 1-3 mph. (I guess at higher speed all the other normal noises drown this noise) What can it be? Serpentine belt? EDIT: I changed the noise description from "whistling" to...
  7. U-Connect Map Update for $99 - what improvements / feedback?

    The Uconnect map can be useful... A few days ago I got in the Jeep after hours in 95 degrees F. I connected my iphone to Car play for Google maps. I was also talking on the phone. About 8 minutes later the phone got so hot that it shut off. Good thing I had the address I wanted in the Uconnect...
  8. WHAT do you want to do to your Jeep JL?

    Install the Bartact seat covers I got three months ago. Install the lights that I got last year. Finish installing the hard top headliner that I started installing last year. I guess I'm a little bit of a procrastinator... Just a little. After potting the rear locker sensor, I plan to do the...
  9. Potential New owner question on Wrangler highway ability.

    The last few weeks I had to drive 100 miles daily for work, getting reimbursed by the company. I drove both my wife's Outback and the Jeep. There is absolutely no comparison. The Outback is objectively much better on the freeway. Having said that, we're selling the Outback on Vroom next...
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Today I replaced the Teraflex VSS 9550 shocks with Fox 2 IFP. Three shock replacements went well, and on the fourth one I found out that the new shock is leaking oil. This fourth shock is the only one I hadn't checked before getting started. I ended up removing the old shock and then putting it...
  11. Chris here from Southern California

    I had a 2019 Off Road Tacoma before the Jeep. I installed adjustable Kings with resi but it still was a truck... My wife wasn't crazy about it either... I sold it to get the Jeep and my wife puts up with it because she knows how much I like it. She actually likes a lot how well the shorter Jeep...
  12. Chris here from Southern California

    I'm in the exact same situation. My wife is not an off-roader and doesn't really like the Jeep on the road. I spent a lot of time communicating with Accutune. I don't think high end suspension will make the Jeep not feel like a Jeep anymore... Nothing that would "fool" my wife. Because of all...
  13. Chris here from Southern California

    The JLs definitely drive better than the JKs. The 4Runner will still be better on the road, no matter how much you customize the Jeep suspension. As long as you are ok with that, the Jeep is great.
  14. Chris here from Southern California

    Make sure you'll test drive the Jeep and the 4Runner on the freeway at normal speed, for more than one exit. That should give you a better idea which one you prefer.
  15. New dad! Kids, baby’s!

    Wondering why plural (kids) and singular possessive (baby's)... Anyway, good luck ! You will be molding a human being for life.
  16. MotorTrend: Bronco vs Wrangler - Which is Best?

    Those Wrangler vs. Bronco videos are nothing but click bait from youtubers in search of ad revenue. Not many would care about Wrangler vs. 4Runner videos. Everyone knows that they are apples and oranges and people don't bother wasting their time on the differences between apples and oranges...
  17. Should I lift my Rubicon with 35s?

    Here is my stock Rubicon with 35s. It was perfectly fine without a lift.
  18. Is Bronco worth the wait?

    Given what has been revealed in the last years, there is a chance of establishing contact with an alien civilization before the Bronco becomes widely available.
  19. Looks like used prices are coming down

    The question is, will the price decrease continue, stall or is it a temporary pull back before another push higher?
  20. Teraflex HD Alpha tire carrier with reinforcement

    I managed to break a bolt out of the 8 for the carrier. I think my torque wrench is messed up. I remember thinking "seems to be a lot of turns for 25 ft/lbs", but I really wasn't paying attention, my mind was all over the place... until the loud bang of the breaking bolt woke me up. After that...