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  1. Auto park dissengaged

    Here is a quick video of a typical start up.
  2. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    I checked the two hood pressure switches. They both seem operational. I even swapped the tops on them to be sure since I know the pressure switch that shows the hood was left open is working. No change.
  3. Auto park dissengaged

    The message board just says Service Stop Start System. It does not show my door is open. If my door is plugged in and I physically open it, the dash DOES tell me it is open. When i close the door that message and icon goes away. The dash screen also does not constantly relay the info about the...
  4. Auto park dissengaged

    Yes seat belt is buckled. I even tested it by driving with it off and the dash tells me the seat belt is off.
  5. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    I just checked the door pins. All look fine. Even took needle nose pliers and tugged on them to see if any weren't seated correctly. The door switch lighting works, locks work, exterior handle and interior handle works, mirrors work.
  6. Auto park dissengaged

    Brand new batteries. I have another thread going but i thought i would reach out somewhere else too.
  7. Auto park dissengaged

    Right now i have my service stop start light is on. Auto park engages if I shift into R or D without waiting for the “auto park disabled” light to flash. I disconnected the door and the ESS light doesn’t come on or any auto park issues.
  8. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    I have narrowed things down to be a problem with the door. If i unplug the door the Service ESS and autopark light do not come on. Does anyone know of a tutorial how to replace the faulty door latch that i am reading about?
  9. Auto park dissengaged

    Just my luck lol. Does anyone know if there is a write up to replace it? I cant find one easily searching.
  10. Auto park dissengaged

    Does anyone know if the door latch is covered outside the 3 year 36k warranty? I am having problems with my ESS and Auto Park Engaging.
  11. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    The most annoying thing is when the auto park turns on when i shift from P into R or D.
  12. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    Scanner tool says there are no codes. Tried to clear codes anyway and the service stop start light is still on.
  13. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    the small batter had a 6/21 sticker and the big battery was 9/21. They were all charged up sitting at 13.5 volts. Good idea on trying to reset the code. I guessed the jeep would do it on its own
  14. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    Got to charge the brand new batteries for 5 hours at my parents house Sunday. ESS light is still on today. Hope it goes away before my wedding/honeymoon this weekend where Jeep will sit still for 15 days.
  15. Underhood Wiring Brackets - Gauging Interest

    My kit came in the mail today! Holy cow this thing is seriously top notch quality. I do not have any accessories yet but i am sure glad I got this ground bar bracket!!
  16. No Spill Systems

    Here is a screen shot from Amazon.
  17. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    Okay so I replaced both batteries. Service stop start light is still on. Does it just need time to reset?
  18. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    I know battery opinions are like other things, but should I go with a Super Start Platinum 94R or a Odyssey 48? They are $5 difference in price. The jeep has the larger battery now with the tow package.
  19. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    Thanks for the insight. Crazy that the batteries only lasted 3 years. Would there be any harm in replacing the aux battery first?
  20. ESS and 8.4 Dash Problems

    Okay. So strange. I went out to take pictures of everything and now the 8.4 looks normal. All apps are back and backup camera comes on in reverse. Xm is available now. The Service Stop Start is the only thing that remains.