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  1. Who's Off-Roaded their 392? I have!

    First off-roading with her yesterday. She did GREAT! The torque is a huge advantage. This is a photo descending a hill that is actually much steeper than you can tell from the photo. The climb back up was exciting.
  2. Owner's Manual lacking engine info.

    I picked my Jeep up yesterday and they didn't yet have the hard-copy manual. They said it would be a few days.
  3. Tires-- White or Black Letters??

    Interesting that you say that. We considered a 4xe (actually had/have one on order) and when my wife saw the 392, she preferred its more subtle treatment. I agree. I think it gives the 392 a bit of a "higher-end" look (to go with it's higher-end price).
  4. Picked Up My 392 Yesterday!

    Picked her up yesterday. They said it was the first at a San Diego dealership.
  5. Tires-- White or Black Letters??

    They swapped them to the black side. They wanted to charge me $155 for the labor!! I "explained" that charging me was not reasonable.
  6. Tires-- White or Black Letters??

    Thanks for the advice. I haven't had K02's. T
  7. Tires-- White or Black Letters??

    So, I should ask them to swap on black-letter KO2's? I don't want the Falkens.
  8. Tires-- White or Black Letters??

    My 392 just came in. I'm supposed to pick it up tonight or tomorrow morning. Dealer sent me photos--it has K02's with white lettering. I don't recall specifying a white/black choice. I'm debating asking dealer to swap them around to black before I pick up. I know that it's personal...
  9. Delivery truck just showed up this afternoon......Finally here!

    Ordered mine (Snazzberry) on day #2 also and just got the call today that it is in-city. Pickup tomorrow or Monday!!
  10. Wrangler 392 Runs 12's In The 1/4 Mile STOCK!!!

    Hmmm. . . some sticky street meats and wheels and speed limiter removed?
  11. Is anyone worried about that low hanging oil drain plug on the 392?

    Something tells me that damage to either of those--even due to very "reasonable" use--would not be covered under warranty.
  12. Is anyone worried about that low hanging oil drain plug on the 392?

    Shite! I don't like the look of that plug, or the H-pipe for that matter. I intend to offroad it (offroading an $80K jeep--holy smokes) so that worries me. My 392 is supposed to arrive this month. I would slap a plate over that immediately, if available. Anyone know of one yet?
  13. 4xE Order Status??

    A very-positive review (like the 392's) would certainly go a long way towards lessening my anxiety about buying a $70K truck that I have never driven. ;-)
  14. 4xE Order Status??

    As an aside, I FINALLY saw a cool TV commercial for the 4xe yesterday (helped to restore a little enthusiasm). Hopefully, some real reviews will follow soon.
  15. 4xE Order Status??

    Honestly, after this LONG wait, I'm a bit anxious about the delivered product living up to the wait. Motortrend just gave the 392 a great review, saying it is the best jeep available today (but they have not yet reviewed the 4xe). If the 392 wasn't $20k more expensive (effectively, with tax...
  16. 4xE Order Status??

    Ordered January 17 and no delivery yet. I'm in San Diego. Dealer says on a train and it COULD be here by month-end, but it would be a stretch. More likely it will be early May. WOW!!!
  17. 4xE Order Status??

    Yes. FAR better deal than the GW!! The shiny all-black --with matching top, fenders, and wheels, it is striking how much it evokes the same vibe. Damn cool!
  18. 4xE Order Status??

    Agreed 100%. Does it now look G-Wagon'esque to anyone but me (the all-black with those cool black wheels)? Robyn, j1st thing, congrats!! 2nd, just curious, did the $1400 you spend on the new tires include any credit from dealer for the highway tires?