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  1. Window Auto up modification

    Any news on this?
  2. Early Onset Death Wobble Help

    Interesting. I’ll have to see how this plays out after I replace the parts on the Fox unit I have. The sleeve is definitely deformed a bit though.
  3. Early Onset Death Wobble Help

    So here’s my similar experience and what I found to be the issue. first off, my setup: 2021 JLUR Ecodiesel Teraflex spacer lift with shock extensions JT Rubicon Fox shocks Fox stabilizer 2.0 Performance Series Adjustable front and rear trac bars 37x12.50x17 on alum wheels So after I went to...
  4. Cable “pass-through” under Center console

    Putting a remote speaker behind my head for my CB and I found this fishable cable pass-through from the driver side to pass side under the seats. Saved me running to the dash and through there to the CB on the pass side. Took a couple tries with some lawn trimmer cable (I didn’t want to use my...
  5. Canada - Ontario JK hardrock front bumper.

    Professionally blasted and coated at local Line-ex dealer with premium fade-free coating. Comes with Warn bull bar, skid plaend caps (not line-x’d) and no fog lights but with adapter brackets to use regular jk/jl fog lights. Cash only, local pick up in Guelph. $800 obo
  6. Canada - Ontario 315/70/17

    5 x 315/70/17 Firestone destination M/T tire for sale. Pretty much like new, bought earlier this year but went to 37’s instead. Tread wear minimal and even across the 4 that were on the road, spare never used. Cash only, no holds, local pick up in Guelph. $1,200 Cash takes them
  7. Finally joined the JLUR EcoDiesel club!

    Very cool and welcome to the Ecodiesel club. I’ve put 40,000km on mine since November and I love it. I wonder why you got the Ecodiesel sticker instead of a badge?
  8. JLUR Ecodiesel block heater plug installed in front bumper

    Thought I’d share, recently installed this Rugged Ridge bumper and winch and found there was plenty of room for a NOCO block heater receptacle. Like a small extension cord it has a male end under the tethered cap and a female end on the roughly 18”cord out the back. Pretty slick, and apparently...
  9. Loud Fans????

    My experiences in my 2021 JLUR Ecodiesel. I’ve come home twice now and the fan is in high, not crazy hot out, and the fan stayed on high after I shut the jeep off. I turned the ignition on without starting and checked the temps and all seems normal, shit the ignition off and the fan stays...
  10. Tossed my new wheels and tyres on today

    So after having the 35’s for a few months I realized that I didn’t like the amount of space between the fender and top of the tyre so I went to 37” ko2’s instead. I spend wayyyy to much time staring at my keep, and it probably looked fine, but for me I needed to close that gap a bit. For the 2...
  11. Modifying the 3.0 Engine and Exhaust to Delete Emissions, and Boost Power

    I've been in touch with GDE and the latest word is "RE: Options for 2021 Ecodiesel Jeep Wrangler. We will be releasing in the early fall. Likely at the end of Sept or early Oct as we have a hot/high altitude trip planned at the end of August and then just porting everything over to all the...
  12. Need a 4xE VIN or a specific part#

    What’s your plan for this part? I’m thinking of routing/extending my block heater cord on my JLUR diesel to there and putting a NOCO RV 120v male outlet in that enclosure. If you find the part number please post it up. Thanks.
  13. Hard top side sliding window

    I’d be interested in a pair for a 4 door JL as well.
  14. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    It’s what they should have come with. I have the stock springs with the teraflex spacer lift and shock extensions.
  15. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    ……..and stabilizer is installed. Really nice and compliments the handling the shocks gave me.
  16. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    I just did this swap on my Ecodiesel JLUR and wow what a difference. While I’m sure it’s more than just witchcraft, the sure footedness on the highway combined with a softer ride is just amazing. For the rear upper bushing and sleeve, I wasn’t sure about using the OEM JL one as it looked a bit...
  17. Snorkels for the EcoDiesel

    thinking I’m gonna hold out for other options. Not sure I wanna look like I’ve got an in-cab wood stove