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  1. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    Thanks for the report @RubiRed! Jeep looks great! They have a little more tall and skinny look which I love. I think your wheels have a +10mm offset. My wheels are 0 offset, so about .4 inches further out which might work out great, but looks like it is going to be close with the outer lip...
  2. Lug nuts and Fifteen52 Turbomacs?

    The bulge on the oem ones pretty much match the socket outer diameter. If it is even possible, you will have to be extremely careful not to damage the wheels when torquing down a 22 mm or 7/8s nut as the socket won’t fit all the way down. The much smaller diameter socket (23.5 mm vs 30 mm) is...
  3. Lug nuts and Fifteen52 Turbomacs?

    chrome = quadratec, black = gorilla
  4. Lug nuts and Fifteen52 Turbomacs?

    I’ll try to snap a pic side by side when I get home. The quality feels equal in your hand and they use the same adapter.
  5. Lug nuts and Fifteen52 Turbomacs?

    I never torqued down the stock wheels so I don’t have a reference. I do know that I prefer my bmws hub centric wheels with bolts. Also, one of the wheels had loosened a bit on my way home from the tire shop. By the way, the quadratec set in black was only $40 and they seem equal to my Gorillas.
  6. Lug nuts and Fifteen52 Turbomacs?

    Gorilla makes a lot of different sizes. I’m not sure they won’t work but I have concerns about the ones you linked. Consider the ones I linked, a lot cheaper.
  7. Lug nuts and Fifteen52 Turbomacs?

    My Turbomac Classics did not come with lug nuts. I bought them straight from fifteen52. Shop put in black Gorilla - part # K6TS-14150BGR. I later bought chrome ones from quadratec (good price!): Quadratec 23 Piece Spline Drive Wheel Lug Nut & Socket Kit for 18-21 Jeep Wrangler JL & Gladiator...
  8. Jeep Pulls To The Right

    Did you swap the wheels or add a wheel spacer at the same time? When I changed my wheels & tires (17x18.5 0 offset, 315/70R17), the scrub radius was estimated to change 38mm (1.5") and I noticed it. Usually pulls in one direction, sometimes pulls to the other with periods of no pull. Not sure...
  9. Does anyone make a lift or shocks for jumping your jeep?

    I'd heard about the Mojave changes, but I also had heard the Mojave was always part of the plan and the JL in general benefited. I remember seeing painted portions of the frame for a display and they didn't look different. I'd love to see some hands-on side-by-sides or info of actual failures...
  10. Does anyone make a lift or shocks for jumping your jeep?

    Get some good bump stops. If you are cheap like me, I've been happy with the Teraflex progressive bump stops. Otherwise, get some hydraulic bumps. Shocks will be fine until they aren't. Get some that you can rebuild when the time comes and try to maximize bump travel when choosing (see if...
  11. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    Have the stock 4.10s with the smallish BFG 315s and it works great for me. It took a while to learn that being in a lower gear doesn't really hurt mileage much. I think it took me an extra long time to learn because I was used to hypermiling a manual diesel. Long grades, steep mountain roads...
  12. JL resale values are insane!

    The KBB trade-in price/range isn't guaranteed. An Instant Cash Offer is an offer to buy your vehicle but it is dependent on the dealer agreeing with how you answered the questionnaire. So you are right in the sense that your experience can be dealer dependent. If a dealer is being unfair, you...
  13. JL resale values are insane!

    Manheim and KBB are owned by the same company. If you get a KBB Instant Cash Offer, that price is guaranteed.
  14. Is a Long Arm lift worth it?

    No direct experience, just info from a friend who owns a Jeep suspension co who has put long arms on their own JL. The benefit is marginal (unlike previous Jeeps) and it is more for the cool factor. But it is cool, so you should do it. :rock:
  15. Hitch Bike Rack recommendations?

    I'd imagine you could do something similar to my Recon with the NSR. U-lock through chain-hook holes in hitch, cable runs through rack and through all of the bike's rear triangle with painters tape protection where you are worried about rub damage.
  16. Manual Transmission and T-Case Fluid Change Today

    I just grabbed some cardboard and made a little lean-to for the fluid to run over. Worked great but you end up with an oily piece of cardboard. If I had an electric impact or my air was quicker to set up, I’d probably opt for removal.
  17. 2021 JLUR Manual Transmission Starting in 1st gear tips?

    Just know it will get better and it took many of us some time to achieve perfection. Probably 20k miles for me... Some of it might be skill but I think a lot of it is just things breaking in. I can take off without touching the gas up inclines which was nearly impossible when new. I also...
  18. Hitch Bike Rack recommendations?

    I have the Recon Rack R4 v2, probably one of the heavier racks and I doubt I’d be able to carry it if it weighed much more then 100 lbs. This thing is heavy duty, think it is rated for 50 lb bikes. So maxed out it would be like 300 lbs. Payload can be a concern but not for my setup...
  19. JLUR rolls multiple times off potato salad hill

    Pm me if you want me to take this down
  20. JLUR rolls multiple times off potato salad hill

    That is scary. Even with my manual I’m a little paranoid the computers will try to be “smart” in that exact situation. I just realized I should have double checked that hill start assist was turned off for my EJS week (my wife likes that feature on the rare occasion she drives the Jeep).