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  1. Wiring an Inverter to AUX Switch

    Can anyone provide any info on wiring an inverter to the Aux switches? Is that even possible? Theoretically the Aux wire would be wired to the positive terminal of the inverter, but not really sure about the negative. Software engineer by day, but ignorant when it comes to electrical! Any...

    More pics of this beauty pls.
  3. TRMS (Trail Rail Management System) finally arrived!

    I very much regret ordering this feature. Although my jeep will be here in the next couple days, I'm positive this was the reason it wasn't delivered months ago. I could have been enjoying my Jeep for so long now :headbang:
  4. In Transit KZ status AND showing on dealer webite. Concerns?

    I called earlier and they checked and immediately found that it was already sold. I then spoke to my salesperson and mentioned that horror story I read on here about a dealership selling his order, she assured me that really can't happen unless it's a super shady dealership or something.
  5. In Transit KZ status AND showing on dealer webite. Concerns?

    Heh, that's funny. Well at least they mentioned it was already sold. That's the answer we're looking for! Good luck to you and I hope you get it with no issues.
  6. In Transit KZ status AND showing on dealer webite. Concerns?

    Once he realized it was special ordered, did he say sorry this is sold? Or is your quote still valid.
  7. In Transit KZ status AND showing on dealer webite. Concerns?

    Looks like mine is listed as well... I plan on calling my dealership in the morning and asking if this vehicle is available, pretending to be a random customer of course and expressing interest. Hopefully they'll give the right answer, and if not.. hopefully the surprise call will make them...
  8. PowerShell to check for Build Sheet

    Nice job! Always fun to see community code creations/contributions. For no particular reason, I decided I wanted to refactor your script a bit, having no prior knowledge of Powershell.. here's the fruits of that labor: Added some sass to the informational messages (why not?) Added window...
  9. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    Not sure if this has been posted here before, but I'm considering doing something like this:
  10. LED Lighting Group — Material Restriction

    Welp.. my order moved backwards from D to C. I’ve been calling around local dealers to find a similarly specced one and think I may have nabbed one in transit. Hopefully will have better luck with that.
  11. Bestop JL Soft Top - Help Us Decide

    To be honest, the one I'd like to see first is the one I ordered from the factory. :giggle:
  12. Marion, OH is the new KZ death trap

    For what it's worth, my first order (which was a Sahara) was in Marion for a while, but it magically showed up at the dealership. Marion was the last update I had.
  13. [TIP] New Inventory Search — 200 Mile Radius

    Their tool only allows you to slide up to 150 mile search radius, but the API allows up to 200 miles. Just need to adjust it via the url parameter as such: Hopefully that helps some folks having a hard time finding a...
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    That license plate is awesome! Nice job.
  15. Opinions/Suggestions wanted on which top setup to get

    Not sure, let us know how yours progresses.
  16. LED Lighting Group — Material Restriction

    So weird. There are multiple people on here that have ordered later than me and have already been built. My order is identical to yours, the only thing I didn't get was the Smokers group and upgraded wheels heh. Not upset or anything, just strange watching other orders fly past me. My jeep is...
  17. Opinions/Suggestions wanted on which top setup to get

    If you don't mind waiting longer than normal for your order to come in, go with the premium soft top for sure in your case.
  18. LED Lighting Group — Material Restriction

    It really depends on who you talk to since they do not communicate between themselves. I was told there was still a parts shortage on the LED package earlier this morning. I suppose we will never know the true answer.