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  1. How long do Jeeps usually last?

    Id be happy to get 100,000km out of mine before its too expensive to keep
  2. new windshield: dealer or Safelite?

    Probably subcontracts out but how can you know? called my dealership for gorilla glass. They told me the name of shop that they subcontract out to, and that i shud go to them directly. So i called that shop and they told me only the dealership does it.. weird.
  3. Front window (brow) tint

    I love it but theres a limit to how dark it should be. I cant see the stoplights during the day time when looking thru the brow because i have 50% windshield with 5% brow, and another 2% brow ontop of it which makes it roughly a 0.04% tint brow😂 never again.
  4. Next Generation Prediction

    I love how everyone was hyped about the bronco but now you dont find much support for it. the more i see in person, the uglier they look.
  5. What was your Journey to Owning a Jeep? Post your first Jeep pic!

    Traded off my beloved truck for a fuckin HYUNDAI!!!! I thought it would fix my vehicle obsession. It just made it worse. Thats when i made the best vehicle choice of my life
  6. What is a good mileage target for first oil change?

    Wouldnt worry about that… ive heard of camrys going 80k miles without an oil change. Your jeep will probably fall apart before it makes it there
  7. Too much tire poke?

    Im not sure why people are against negative offset. Perhaps its for fender clearance when youre flexed out. But for me i prefer to have the cornering stability. I always believed that the higher you go, the wider you have to go as well.
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    25% up front seriously?! I wish. We arent allowed any tint here when it comes to the front windows. Canada sucks.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I remove the tint myself, but i take it to a shop for tint. How are you removing it? They say a heat gun works fine. I use my steam machine. It takes about 5-10 minutes a window depending on how much glue residue is left behind.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    retinted my front windows for the 3rd time 😂 went from 50% to 20%. Next up, 35% windshield tint
  11. Any other guys ordering Tuscadero?

    I wish it was a bit more of a matte pink. Not my style but im still looking forward to seeing one in person some day. i do think the jeep has potential to look great still if you black out every window and match it with some black wheels, 38s, and a long arm lift. i think this colour is more...
  12. What’s in your Rear Cargo Space?

    How did I never think of that? Thanks a lot for sharing man. Im gonna move them outa there!! Cant believe jeep doesnt have a rear latch you can open.
  13. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Fire

    Unfortunately f350 prices are even higher right now. A non dually king ranch is 103k last time i checked, and thats only if you can find one. Then add the cost of a 10 inch lift and 40s and next thing u know your truck is worth 135k…. Ill stick to my jeep 😁 but definitely do let us know what...
  14. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Fire

    Im jealous. Wish my jeep would burn up!
  15. What's Your Most Overpriced Part Or Accessory?

    Is it actually a much better sound? Assuming youre playing compressed music from your phone
  16. Going to test drive Rubicon vs Sahara today need some opinions

    Stability control systems have improved so much now. If you had a short wheelbased 2 door jeep with 0 traction/stability control and drove highways all the time during winter then yeah, id be worried.
  17. 34s over 35s - Will I regret it?

    No you wont notice a difference. In my personal experience, going from 35s to 37s is where you feel a noticeable difference. I shitbag my jeep and I havent had any issues with a sahara on 35s. But people make it sound as if you have to beef up your vehicle just to run a small 35 inch tire. If a...
  18. What’s in your Rear Cargo Space?

    I have no way to get pics. But i put a set of booster cables in there and then bought as many tow straps as i could fit
  19. Order now or wait for '22?

    If youre concerned about 1 year newer affecting resale that much, then youre already planning on selling it within 2 years. so why get it. if you arent happy with a 2021, then you sure as hell wont be happy with a 2022 because theres not going to be a significant enough update to next years...
  20. Rich Jeepers

    Funny you say that. My uncle offered me 20k for a down payment on what could be my first home. However, i kept showing him these well kept older houses in GREAT locations for around 180k. He kept saying “no too old, what you want is something in the 280-320k range.” fuckin guy was trying to...