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  1. Another Brawlee Install - OEM was the goal

    I put a zip tie on it but yours is a good idea too -
  2. Another Brawlee Install - OEM was the goal

    thanks - yes I agree - didn't know how nice that light would be - and the cost is well worth not having to buy all the parts - try to solder LEDS etc...
  3. Why are those pockets empty?

    why is it that Jeep does not fill in the 3 pockets towards the rear of the hardtop? Finally got to me so big thanks to Hotheads for seeing the obvious -
  4. Another Brawlee Install - OEM was the goal

    My goal was a simple on-off push button switch which looked like an OEM install. So made small cutout in plastic cover using a Dremel tool, routed thru existing wire route with a wire loom cover that matched. Then routed over and down to washer hookup and used the disconnect that comes with the...
  5. California HELP! Need Your GMRS Antenna Mounting Recommendations for '21 JLU

    mount is Rugged Radios MT-ANT-JEEP-DS with Low Profile Motorola Cable - You can't see the cable from the exterior. Mounting base unit to right behind glove box (avoid the heater tubes on the left) and then using a RJ45 plug on dash so I can remove headset when not in use. Power comes from Aux...
  6. Bourbon talk...

    Pick your poison - no favorite but I do enjoy them all
  7. My hood prop stolen

    engine component theft use to be quite common before hood locks - that's why they are present - and gas theft - you must live a very sheltered life - 70's gas crisis - talk to a farmer about diesel gone missing......not internet stories - SE LA sounds like a dream land :)...but I will have to...
  8. MXT275 Radio Base Unit - and a few other things

    Installing the radio base behind glovebox and utilizing the AUx switch wiring for power - If you have this set-up, where did you stash it and what did you use to secure it? Pics most appreciated. I didn't like the plain screw provided by Rugged (why do they provide plain hardware) so here is the...
  9. My hood prop stolen

    Addition of BOLT lock one of the first things I did - and after keying my locking gas cap from MOPAR - so appreciated BOLTS innovative thinking....
  10. What’s in your Rear Cargo Space?

    American Adventures Lab Bracket - Compressor-DCDC-Aux Battery-etc-etc and it turned out pretty clean - that tub area is a great use of space
  11. How many miles did you go until cracked windshield

    Took me all of 1647 miles - I even saw the rock flying towards and BANG!!!
  12. Factory Halogen to OEM LED Headlights Swap - What I Learned

    I did the same as you - and it was very easy - purchased a 2021 Sport S and bought my LED headlights from Athens Dodge (amazing for online OEM parts) and did the swap - easy install since wire harness includes 4th wire now - down to dealer for flash and done. Everything works as advertised -...
  13. California Sold: Mopar Headliner Empty Pockets - Thanks Hothead

    why is it that Jeep does not fill in the 3 pockets towards the rear of the hardtop? Finally got to me so big thanks to Hotheads for seeing the obvious -
  14. Fused distribution block in the rear of a 2019 Jeep Wrangler JLU

    I just posted some notes on this...finished up today with exactly what you want to do.
  15. AAL ARB Mount & Remote Kit Install - not a walk in the park but DONE!

    The Installation of the AAL’s ARB Dual Comp. Mount bracket and Remote Kit is a major undertaking. The longest, most tedious effort was spent on reconfiguring all of the electrical harnesses, figuring out the wiring schematic for current and future components and then the installation. Layout...
  16. Bike racks recommendations?

    1Up was THE ONLY rack that can handle my Vintage Electric Bikes - amazing engineering on these racks - extremely happy on purchase
  17. California Sold: $100 - JL Spare Tire Mounts - Mopar Relocation Bracket

    Take it all for $100 - Mopar Relocation Bracket - Center Light Relocation Bracket - Spare Mounting Bracket - Third Light Bracket I want it all to go and you can part it out - Local Pick-Up only - San Jose