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  1. Phone Holder Alternatives?

    I really like the option from Proclipusa: I added a magnet mount and just slap my phone on it. No tape or permanent mount needed. Even though the clip comes with tape, I didn’t use it as the clamp is very snug. My phone has...
  2. Sunrider for Freedom top, give me the good, the bad and the ugly.

    FYI…as of this morning (9/12/21), Amazon has the Bestop Sunrider (black twill) on sale for $764.99. Just placed my order. Cheapest I’ve seen and I’ve been waiting for a price drop like this. I verified it’s “new” vs used. I was a little concerned because it said it’s being fulfilled by “Taktic...
  3. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    I just ordered mine. Can’t wait to install them when they arrive!
  4. My First Wrangler! Justice for the High Altitude!

    Congratulations. Very nice looking Jeep. Enjoy!
  5. WTF? Missing carpet from factory?

    I can confirm I have the leather seats and do NOT have that carpet. Never noticed before reading this thread and lifting up my gap hider.
  6. Square thingy on my new 21 Jeep Sahara? What is it for?

    That's where your wiper fluid sprays out.
  7. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    Update: My dealer agrees that my seat issue is not normal and should be replaced under warranty. They're ordering a new seat "cover". They will have to remove the seat in order to replace the seat cover...which I'm not crazy about...but at least my issue will be fixed. I'm going to take...
  8. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    Update: I just got home from a local auto upholstery business to get an expert opinion (thank you @LongTimeListener ) and from my local dealership to start a warranty claim (thanks @GATORB8 ) ... The auto upholstery business said they've never seen an issue like mine before and their best...
  9. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    I totally agree. It can’t be sweat. I’d have to sweat acid to do that to the seat. Plus, if it was sweat, then logically, the same stains would be on the sections below and above this one section…and on the seat bottom.
  10. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    The picture is a little misleading. Due to the lighting and camera, it looks like the spots/stains are a lighter color. In person, they look shiney and like someone touched the seats with greasy fingers after eating buttered popcorn. But there's no "residue" to clean off as would be the case...
  11. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    Thanks. I may go that route before too long. I definitely haven't applied any solvents or abrasives. Just water, a drop of soap, and Lexol ... and only applied with a microfiber cloth with very minimal agitation.
  12. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    Frustrating. Sorry to hear that. Mine definitely looks like some sort of lotion or oil caused a permanent reaction, but I swear I don’t wear any lotions or sunceeens and no one else has driven my Jeep. It’s crazy how my issue is only on one of the sections. One of the “stains” stops right at the...
  13. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    I applied Lexol cleaner with a clean microfiber cloth as instructed on the bottle. I may buy a horsehair brush and try that out. I noticed on one of the chemical guys videos that he used a horsehair brush. Good idea.
  14. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    They’re supposed to be leather but to be honest, they feel less like leather than any other leather seats I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong. I still think they’re nice. I’ve seen other threads where people say it could be a mixture of other materials.
  15. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    Yep - a damp cloth is all that should be needed. (That’s all I’ve ever needed on all my other vehicles.) I’m a neat freak that takes immaculate care of my vehicles so this issue is driving me nuts. The 6 year old F-150 I sold to buy this Jeep looked like it had never been sat in (56k miles).
  16. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    Thanks. Good idea. I’ll definitely do that.
  17. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    Nope - never shirtless. And I've not even used sunscreen this year ... so no chance that some even seeped thru a shirt. What's odd is that it's literally just the section pictured. The seat sections below and above (and even the headrest) don't have the same issue.
  18. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    Yes - I know the owners manual says that...and like I said, I tried to find some Mopar Total Clean locally...but seems no one is using/buying it, so my local dealers don't even carry it. I haven't put anything on the seats other than 1) a damp cloth (w/ small amount of soap), and 2) Lexol...
  19. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    I've got something strange happening to a section of my drivers seat. It looks like something has stained the leather. See pictures. It kind of looks like the spots are faded in the pictures but in person it just looks like the spots are slick ... almost like something oily (sweat, sunscreen...