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  1. 392 Mobile Comms Center Now Operational

    Great build!! Looks like you have it all just about covered. I'm a coms junkie too. How are those console MOLLE panels working?
  2. Gold 392 Door Sills

    I'm not sure, depends on the company applying it. Some go thicker so it might mess it up a bit, but I'd ask the professionals first
  3. Gold 392 Door Sills

    Or there is always powder coating, GO FOR IT! You only live once
  4. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    Yes I'm selling the JK and have removed the 2 amps and the 2 - 10"subs so I can install them in the 392. It still sounds great but but without all the thump. It was a KILLER system everyone that ever heard it was amazed that it was SO loud and clear with all that thump. WOW that kit is amazing...
  5. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    Thanks Jim, yeah I'm at day 63 waiting on it to start being built. I can't wait, it will be really sweet I went overboard on ordering it as it will be my main rig for a very long time. My mod list starts with the Insane head unit which I will order at any minute when the tell me its in the...
  6. Baja Designs Awesome LP Series Support Thread

    You guys are hysterical!! I have two sets on order LP4's and LP6's since July 1st dam global shortages! They should be shipping in October I was told. Now I can't WAIT to get my hot hands on them. Thanks for all the wiring ideas.
  7. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    Oh no, sorry. I have a Seicane 10" headunit with Android auto in my 2011 JK and that's whats happening. My new JL 392 XR is due in shortly and I'm changing out the head unit to the insane day one that I own it.
  8. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    AWESOME!!! I'm very glad you got it figured out. Now I need to go back and copy all the install instructions you laid out so I stay away from the pitfalls! Thanks Jim!
  9. Aftermarket Remote Start with App on a Jeep that has factory remote start?

    I've been using my Viper system in my JK and its been great. I will be looking at options also as I hear the uconnect is lack luster at best. As it goes through the Sirius sat network.
  10. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    Sounds just like I would do!! Nice job Jim
  11. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    Yeah it's crazy I like to read and re-read the instructions a few times before ever busting open the project. I'm pretty good but when ya spend $1000 on a head unit show me some love and tell me WTH your wanting me to do for the install. The videos on their Youtube page are like 2-5 years old...
  12. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    Yeah for as sexy as they are with the HD video and options the documentation needs a ton of work. They could solve it by doing more videos on YouTube. Oh and everyone is telling me that logo on the front needs to be able to have the back light turned off option rather than using electrical...
  13. Jeep 392 Xtreme Recon Package now on build & price. Suspension changes confirmed

    I would think from the videos I've seen on the regular 392's the 37's fit fine with 1.75 Spacers. So if the XR is a little taller than the regular 392 I'd bet you will be fine. Shocker Racing 392 on 37's
  14. Opinions on best console safe

    Tuffy makes a great one Also check this out Comparison
  15. Tops off... Dogs in

    Who makes it Kyle? The logo looks familiar.
  16. Insane Audio JL3001 Jeep Head Unit Review

    I like to have videos on board, concerts, movies and stuff. So when I get stuck somewhere waiting on someone I have plenty to do. Also I like having my email there, Netflix, Spotify, Power Amp app is amazing and there is another that escapes me at the moment.
  17. Insane Audio JL3001 Jeep Head Unit Review

    From what I'm told you can't install any apps from the play store or appstore on the Height10.
  18. Tops off... Dogs in

    Just curious but does any company make a net that you can use as a door of sorts to keep the pups in?
  19. So how do you like the 392 as a DD?

    For Fuel tank size is working on a tank for the 392. They are looking for an extra 17 gallons. As for the seats, if they are that bad I would have them restuffed with memory foam, or just put some good weight on it at night when she is parked.