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  1. Advice on creaking and gaps

    Mine did the same thing, especially after mounting a larger than stock spare tire. Like @The Last Cowboy mentioned it was the rubber seal. I used UHMW tape across the top of the tailgate and it has not made a noise since...
  2. Drive out of this???

    I did it at the Rubicon and didn't "lose" my rear bumper....just "modified" it a bit :LOL:
  3. So you think you want beadlock wheels... sample of cost, time, efforts required

    Cool thanks Ted - I've been running the same pressures in mine. They drive great. I'll keep an eye out for your write up for sure.
  4. So you think you want beadlock wheels... sample of cost, time, efforts required

    Great post @wibornz I'll definitely be getting a set of beadlocks someday. I have a couple of questions often did you rotate your tires? And what tire pressure did you run them at on the highway? I've really liked my Cooper STTs and I'd love for them to last 50k-60k miles like...
  5. Get rid of the soft top or not… thoughts?

    I'd try listing it and see if you can sell it now, or keep it until next Spring and list it then. :like: The premium top should last you a long time if used seasonally.
  6. New Jeep Owner: Black Stains on Shorts???

    It's usually the tires for me, and it always seems to be on the back of my khaki shorts. Pretty sure it's when I'm refueling. :headbang:
  7. Stolen 2021 JLURD

    So sorry this happened to you. Do you have the UConnect app? Your Jeep has GPS tracking and could help the police locate it, as @jlang mentioned.
  8. Identify the part

    I think you're right - looks like the same one.
  9. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Nice photos - looks like a cool spot. Also great tire choice. :like: Really wish Goodyear would make Duratracs in a 37" for a 17" rim. Had them in 35" on my JK and loved them.
  10. Metalcloak 2.5 Gamechanger

    @Roky Jon to confirm, but I bet that photo is an older revision of that part number.
  11. California Motobilt Crusher Rear Bumper w/ Light Cutouts and No Spare Provision (MB1091)

    Motobilt Crusher Rear Bumper with Light Cutouts and No Spare Tire provision. Part Number MB1091. ***Does not include hardware*** Asking $260 OBO. Local pickup only at 95682.
  12. California Sold: MetalCloak Front Track Bar (7616) Brand New $150

    Selling a brand new MetalCloak Front Track Bar Part Number 7616. Came with my GameChanger 2.5 lift, but decided not to use it. Asking $150 OBO. Local pickup only located at 95682.
  13. Accidental duplicate threat.

    That sounds like a bad battery to me. Either the main or auxiliary or both.
  14. Tazer JL Mini - locking up ABS

    I thought so too but if your 'ABS' and 'BRAKE' lights were flashing, that was it. It disengages when you hit the gas. Kind of a cool feature but not sure I'd ever consciously use it haha