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  1. MotorTrend: Bronco vs Wrangler - Which is Best?

    I'm surprised to read about the Bronco's electronic parking brake. That sounds marginal. A week ago my wife & I were luxuriating in the hot spring pool at Wiesbaden Lodge in Ouray one evening, and two women were recounting that days adventure with their husbands driving, & small kids in back...
  2. So you think you want beadlock wheels... sample of cost, time, efforts required

    Thanks for the eye-opening explanation and breakdown. It was very well stated. Clearly it is worth the effort and cost if one is running the rubber really hard at low pressures on a very regular basis. A major screwup on the trail, especially if alone in the boonies, can justify it. For me, it...
  3. 2021 2.0 Engine Whine

    I ran a rental Sahara recently for 3600 miles, everything from crawling Utah & Colorado slickrock to dicing it up with traffic at 80mph on US 70. The motor produces nice power all around with great fuel economy, can climb steep slopes 4Lo/1st. Loved it. But the intermittent whine is loud &...
  4. Engine Knocking in 2.0 Turbo?

    Great motor except for the whining noise. Love the fuel efficiency and power that it makes, but after 3600 miles with one in the past month I have trouble living with that blower noise.
  5. Beadlocks

    Cool. Thanks.
  6. Offroad Rental Recommendations

    We just ended a one month rental of a 2020 Sahara 2L from Enterprise out of PHX. We put on 3600mi, mostly unpaved trails and backroads around AZ, Utah, NM & Colorado and had a great time visiting old friends and tall passes. Enterprise & their JL were great, and I found the JL Sahara pretty...
  7. Beadlocks

    What is the lowest safe pressure to air down to running stock non-beadlock rims? I have gone down to 20psi without problem running rock on 32" tires. Can I go lower, say 15psi, or am I already on the edge at 20psi?