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  1. Generally, at what angle will Jeep roll over?

    Looks like a ford bronco going over a mall speed bump at an angle 😂
  2. Generally, at what angle will Jeep roll over?

    I've had my JLUR at 26-28 degrees quite a few times and the first time I did that my sphincter could cut diamonds, but now it doesn't bother me like it did then. I tried looking this same question up after that first day of real wheeling and yeah there's no exact answer, but you'd think there...
  3. Bronco features you would like Jeep to incorporate into Wrangler during JL's mid-cycle redesign

    Move the door hinges inside to prevent them from getting chipped to hell from rocks when wheeling, and maybe it could solve the corrosion issue so many wrangler owners end up having, and that's about it. Keep the hardtop as 3 pieces. The bronco's hard top squeaks like no other driving down the...
  4. Stolen 2021 JLURD

    10 seconds? way too long of a warning. I'd just radio in and say "boom" milliseconds before activating the detonator :like:
  5. So you think you want beadlock wheels... sample of cost, time, efforts required

    not even one picture of the new tires on the jeep? I'm disappointed 😉
  6. Anyone think Jeep will move to IFS in 2023?

    I had my rubi off road the second day I owned it, and have been to my local ohv park a few times before I got my license plates. Have needed to use the rear locker a bunch and for a couple of the climbs used both front and rear lockers. If jeep went to IFS for the wrangler then I would not be...
  7. Wrangler as a daily driver?

    I have a 2021 JLUR that I DD about 54 miles round trip. It's a great vehicle, very stable at highway speeds. I am still taking corners at 80 no problem that most people slow down to 60 for. Handles very well, absolutely can be a DD!!
  8. Has anyone ever installed a mopar 2” lift themselves?

    My understanding is that you aren't required to have a dealer install it to retain the warranty. The parts themselves carry the warranty if I'm not mistaken. Dealers might tell you that they have to do it to keep the warranty... because dealerships are shady lol.
  9. So who is ordering the recon extreme

    Thanks for the list! I'd only be interested in having the 4.56 gearing from the factory, but this looks like a good package for people who want to do a little wheeling and like having a stock looking vehicle!
  10. So who is ordering the recon extreme

    What is different aside from wheels, tires and a lift? If it's just those 3 things I'd rather choose my own higher quality aftermarket parts than running oem stuff.
  11. New wrangler custom order mileage and other concerns

    My JLUR had 3 miles on it when I went to pick it up.
  12. Poop on 392

    Lol I was going to say the same thing!
  13. Body bolts and how not to break them.

    Just in case anyone stumbles across this thread... I removed the two rear body bolts on both passenger and driver side to install my fab fours rock sliders. All 4 bolts appeared to have maybe a whisper of blue loctite on them. This is on a 21 JLUR built in may 2021.
  14. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    My favorite thing is how capable my JLUR is off road even stock. I drove through some stuff this last weekend that just shouldn't be possible.
  15. Long Hair, Don't Care (but need some tips)

    Yep, threw em in the 40 yard roller with the other few hundred thousand pairs from over the last couple years.
  16. Article: 2022 Wrangler Xtreme Recon Would Beat The 2021 Bronco With A Lift And Bigger Tires

    Dang I feel bad for the 90% of Rubicons that never get to go where they were made for. I bought my Rubicon strictly because I wanted to go wheeling. I have been out 3 times since I bought my Jeep about a month ago now too, people are really missing out. It's absolutely nuts what my Rubicon stock...
  17. Long Hair, Don't Care (but need some tips)

    I wish it were just a dream, sometimes it's just too much for one guy to handle. I do what I can though, it isn't easy.
  18. Long Hair, Don't Care (but need some tips)

    I put my hair in the "Jon Snow" where I tie up the top half and leave the bottom hanging. This works really good for men but I must also give a warning to any other guys if you do this too. Women will do almost anything to try and get in your jeep. Just the other day I had one woman throw her...
  19. Jeep JL 3D CAD Files?

    Thanks for the info, maybe? ;)