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  1. Got the V41 recall work done

    Ok; V41 stabilizer was installed yesterday -- 2 things 1, the instruction sheet says the labels on some of these stabilizers are placed wrong. Use the bulge and green dot on the stabilizer to install correctly. The label on mine was incorrect. Tech talked to my friend of many years, who is the...
  2. Which Muffler?

    #19388 MagnaFlow JL Jeep Wrangler Street Series Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System No drone -- black or polished - got mine from Quadratec - FWIW :)
  3. Got the V41 recall work done

    Just saw my V41 recall on Mopar website -- Called my parts guy to see if he had any - None in stock but he said Mopar is limiting stock on dealers. He ordered parts for me. Said he will have them Tuesday.
  4. 2019 Wrangler Again Gets One Star - Poor Crash Performance

    Hear Hear Jason -- me want those windshields! And by the by - can we stop with all those crash tests? If you're really worried about these then don't drive anything and walk -- then you can be hit by a Jeep when you cross the street and I can promise you the Jeep will fare better than you in...
  5. New Member Waving Hello!

    Welcome Fixer! - Enjoy! PS - I'm Italian too Pizan!
  6. Warranty after modifications. ?

    fat_head has a point -- I've been buying Dodges from the same dealer for 18 years. How much aggravation you receive in dealing with warranty, or any other, stuff is directly related to your rapport with the dealer. At least in my experience FWIW
  7. Warranty after modifications. ?

    Got this from Quadratec on an item I installed when I asked if it was going to void my warranty before I bought it: "No,An 'aftermarket' part is a part made by a company other than the vehicle manufacturer or the original equipment manufacturer. A 'recycled' part is a part that was made for and...
  8. Windshield that won’t clean

    I use this:
  9. Confessions of a Mall Crawler

    "Gigantor All-Terrain Rock Eater 9000 tires and a preposterous recovery jack across the hood." Outstanding read -- thank you - ROFLMAO on the Gigantor quote -- now that was funny Welcome and thanks again
  10. Front wiper fluid sprayer clogged

    Lou is right - I've always used a needle to unclog these. On some cars you can use the needle to also aim the sprayers
  11. My First Jeep

    Congrats on the new addition - the white one I mean - enjoy and stay safe! and give me my wheels back :)
  12. Spare Tire Tips

    Brazos -- you're killing me -- that was hysterical - still laughing Thanks for the chuckle!
  13. 3.6L Engine noise with 15 miles.

    Yup - same noise but not intermittent - it happened all the time once it started till the injector was replaced.
  14. Got the V41 recall work done

    Ditto - August 2018 build date
  15. 3.6L Engine noise with 15 miles.

    I've heard a sound like this - it was a sticky injector, It was not intermittent but was replaced under warranty - new engine though?? Hmmm
  16. JL after market support missing

    Things that make you go Hmmmm :) Thanks Chris Steimle Product Manager [email protected] Synergy Manufacturing
  17. 2018 JL steering wander

    Hah - had to smile at this -- My Rubi was all over the place when I first got it - I decided to check the tire pressures. All were at or between 42-44. Seriously? WTF from the Factory? apparently my dealer didn't check them or thought driving a jeep on tippytoes was a good thing -- dropped them...