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  1. Windshield replacement and recalibration question.

    Something that has me wondering. If you have the forward radar module, when you get a glass replacement, there is an extra charge for "recalibration" But, if I want to lower my windshield, I can put it down, and then use the FCA supplied cover to protect the radar. Then put windshield up and...
  2. Improvements of JL by model year?

    I run my dash cam to it. Lol.
  3. The dealership ordered the wrong Jeep!!???!

    Good for you. My post secondary education was the Former Yugoslavia in the early 90s. And my parents never taught me anything about saving or investing. Don't worry about the trolls on here jealous of your financial prowess. You don't owe anyone an explanation at all. The majority of them are...
  4. Improvements of JL by model year?

    Selec-Speed Control vs Hill-Descent Control. Selec-Speed Control is standard on the 2.0 turbo+8 speed auto Hill-Descent Control is standard on the 3.6 + 8 speed auto. • 2021 JL Wranglers - Selec-Speed Control for the 2.0 turbo, the 3.0 diesel, and the 392. Hill-Descent Control for the 3.6. •...
  5. Secure hard top storage

    Lol, at this point, I think your video should just be stickied to every post about soft top, hard tops, My Tops and one touch Sky Tops. Probably save you a lot of time. Granted, it wouldn't raise your post count though.
  6. Help! I am thinking of selling my customized 2021 JLU so I can buy the 392. Where do I sell it for profit?

    pow·er train /ˈpou(ə)r ˌtrān/ noun noun: powertrain the mechanism that transmits the drive from the engine of a vehicle to its axle. the power train, the engine, and the axle considered collectively.
  7. Confirming I´m not a Robot

    It's something that's affecting cookies and cache on your browser.
  8. Installing d-ring shackles on the stock steel bumpers?

    There can't be much difference between the 2. I would bet you could make those fit quite easily.
  9. Help! I am thinking of selling my customized 2021 JLU so I can buy the 392. Where do I sell it for profit?

    No, you would only void the powertrain warranty, which is moot because new motor should have a warranty anyway.
  10. Confirming I´m not a Robot

    I've never had to do that since the day I signed up. Check your security settings.
  11. HELP,,, Jeep won’t start :(

    I know of at least one family that would disagree. Anton Yelchin. Personally, I keep my seat belt on and if for some reason I can't, I would just buckle it behind me. And the Start/Stop doesn't bother me in the least. It's been on last 3 vehicles.
  12. Sudden Stop When Reversing / Tire Pressure

    That's great. What actually happened? Edit: that aluminum wheel had a crack in it, I would be highly suspect of the repair job.
  13. Mopar lift for new 2021 rubicon JLU feedback reviews?
  14. Thoughts on a New 2020 Rubicon JLU

    You can totally remove the SOT. There's a video posted here somewhere of a guy doing it and no alignment or anything to put back on. In saying that, I wouldn't be removing it. There why I got a normal hard top.