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  1. Any other guys ordering Tuscadero?

    What he said. I did the same exact thing with Bikini. I love every time a Jeep gets ordered in something other then black, white, silver, or military green.
  2. What does a typical Wrangler "refresh" consist of?

    The interior is designed to rugged so you can take the doors and top off and get things wet and dirty. Even though we all know most people don't do that. There is no way they will do a major overhaul to the interior. Even if they have with other models in the line up simply put they aren't the...
  3. Topless Trek?

    The amount of traffic you'll be sitting in could certainly play a factor and the main reason I always run a bikini all summer. Baking in the sun with no air flow is no fun
  4. Tonneau Cover without soft top mounts,

    I just installed the MasterTop (Quadratec) tonneau cover on my JL, the JLU the same just slightly different dimensions. I specifically got it because I have a hard top it was the only one that didn't require an additional tailgate bar. For the BestTop version they list that you need one but...
  5. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    OEM us reusable. You can go back in the thread if you want to see others saying the same. Thats what I did.
  6. Freedom panels and windstopper/tonneau cover combo

    This will be my second full summer with a 2 door and still working to finally get a summer setup complete. Due to 2 doors being lower on the R&D list and covid its taken forever. But I'm looking for some more info on the windstopper / tonneau cover options as well so hoping someone can provide...
  7. Painting hard top top white to keep the interior cool.

    Rattle can paint jobs certainly don't belong on JLs, maybe the old YJ. Definitely would start with headliners and see what you think PS - It's not a car or truck!! lol
  8. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    Another set of sensors successfully potted last weekend. 12K miles and neither had any oil. Drilling is stressful, since I was doing it by hand with a drill, but I saw someone else mention a technique that really helped. Once you get to the end when you're about to be through start manually...
  9. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    Given they unobtainium I would certainly pick one up if possible. As with all negotiating I would let him give a price first!
  10. Trektop Ultra for 2-door

    Second summer in a row waiting for an extended bikini for the 2 door, so I wouldn't hold my breath for this coming anytime soon.
  11. Bikini top - 2dr

    Is there any update on if/when the bikini top will be available for the 2 door? SKU 5260935
  12. Manual 2 Door Rubicon Bikini Build

    Just wanted to stop by and say I appreciate this build on another level because I couldn't resist the bikini either. I actually haven't seen another in person yet. You really peaked my interest when you mentioned Carnage Canyon, I thought you were in CO. Looks like your checking all the right...
  13. Anyone Tried Bestop Bikini top & Cargo Cover?

    Here's a thread the Bestop team is involved with that I have been watching for answers. From what I have read the tailgate bar is needed but I don't personally have a duster on mine to confirm.
  14. Blind Spot detection: is it useless or am I missing something?

    The mirror should always light up regardless of your blinker. As soon as a car moves into the area it will turn on so if you aren't seeing it I would go get it checked. I personally have the beeping turned off.
  15. Actual Height of JLUR?

    Hard top or soft top will more than likely be the determining factor. My garage at home only has 75" of clearance, thanks to a old one piece shin kicker door, and my JLR with a hard top just clears with probably less then an inch. It's almost the exact same height as my previous JKU which had a...
  16. Lifting 2018 JL and Warranty Coverage

    This was one of the questions I asked when we talked about the warranty during purchase. I was told as long as the lift is under 4" you're good. But Jeep Cares should be able to verify.
  17. I Moved to Colorado

    There's only 122 million more people in the country today then there was in 70's. Unfortunately if you're human you are "part of the problem" since we have always continued populate the world. There's going to be another ~85 million people in the country by 2060, so where should all the...
  18. I Moved to Colorado

    Welcome and congrats on the move. The funtreks books are great start on trail recommendations. When I moved hear 7 years ago I mainly just found people to wheel with on forums or facebook groups. I'll second the Mile-Hi Jeep Club haven't joined yet but have ran into and shot the shit with...
  19. Front windshield defrost FAIL

    I too was driving in the same storm this weekend and my passenger side wiper was pretty iced up by the time I got down to the city. Can't say it was quite that bad but I was really surprised at how bad it got. I've also got winter blades but the problem just continued to get worse and stopping...