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  1. 3.6 likes to leak

    This was mine, and it ended up being the plastic oil filter housing. I thought it was the rear main at first but jeep said it was the oil filter housing. Replaced under warranty without issue, but seems to be a common issue, especially with the JK from reading.
  2. 21 rubicon diesel looking for a better ride

    Shocks and valving go a long way and of course tire pressure. Good starting point, whats your budget. You can keep it simple or go fancy is the reason for the questions. Adjustable shocks are nice.
  3. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    I just ordered dynatrac balljoints. Next I need to get with Reid. What aluminum steering do yall like the most?
  4. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    You would think but that is not the case. Over smooth road it is fine, but when the driver tire hits something it sends it into a shimmy. I fully agree it should not matter. I have factory steering linkage but otherwise the front has currie parts. There is a thread on here from around two years...
  5. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    Yall have me looking at Reid knuckles, Dynatrac ball joints, and if I am doing all of that I want flipped steering. I killed the factory stabilizer to where it was bent and leaking fluid. Took it off after coming out of Holey Cross, and thought I could drive on the road without a steering...
  6. Holly Cross - May 16th

    Looks like June 12 or 13th possibly
  7. Holly Cross - May 16th

    No, I have not. Freaking Jeep is leaking oil from a cracked filter housing. I did not do a resent oil change, so not sure what caused it. The part is on back order, so I am waiting on Jeep and then heading to CO. Looks like it will be in June at some point. You're welcome.
  8. Holly Cross - May 16th

    Anyone up for Holly Cross on May 16th?
  9. Trail Around Denver - Mid May

    Sent you a message
  10. Trail Around Denver - Mid May

    Looking for recommendations on trails around Denver, May 14th - 19th. Any recomendation or want to joint would be great. Not stuck in just Denver but willing to move around to see as much as I can within those days.
  11. Lift Issue - Not Sitting Level

    I noticed the rear axle is out a little bit, but I did not notice that the lower control arms were not even until I changed out the rear end links. Going to square up the rear this weekend and see where that lands me. The alignment has not been done yet, but I'm not driving it and is on the...
  12. Lift Issue - Not Sitting Level

    The factory springs or aftermarket springs, it sits off. I took everything out of the equation. Front shocks unbolted, end links out, upper control arms out, front track bar, but just the front lower control arms were bolted. It sat normal prior to the lift. At this point, I am going to bolt...
  13. Lift Issue - Not Sitting Level

    Accutune, but thats not the issue. I put the factory springs back in and its leaning without shocks. 3 gallons of gas which is not creating this issue.
  14. Lift Issue - Not Sitting Level

    I haven't driven it yet and measuring the shock shafts in the front. The front was cleaning before touching the year. Even swapped factory springs back in and it leaned. Never been in a wreck, bought it new.
  15. Lift Issue - Not Sitting Level

    Good news, that wasn't the problem. Yes, it was hitting but it's sitting on its on weight without the uppers and still sitting funny. Loosing my mind over here.
  16. Lift Issue - Not Sitting Level

    It was my weekend to work this weekend, but I think the currie upper control arms have a slight bend in them, just like the lowers. The drivers arms have some nice marks from hitting the frame. I noticed that tonight. Tomorrow, I will swap the front upper control arms and I think that will fix...
  17. Lift Issue - Not Sitting Level

    The front upper spring idolaters are in currently, just checked. I could understand all of the other if it had more than a few gallons of gas. The height difference is 2" not .5" difference, so it's something more than that. It leaned before even touching the rear. I don't want you to think I'm...
  18. Lift Issue - Not Sitting Level

    The bow would be correct by an adjustable track bar. Does the front have an upper isolate?
  19. Lift Issue - Not Sitting Level

    Springs are not side specific like factory. All the control arms were not loosed to get it to "settle", which is crazy if that's creating a 2" difference. Springs are sitting correctly, leans with aftermarket springs and reinstalled factory springs and it's still leaning. Takes what feels...
  20. Lift Issue - Not Sitting Level

    They are but they are not attached. The front and rear are even, but currently not attached.