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  1. Garage door button on sunvisor ?

    I didn't get around to messing with this yesterday but I did see Mopar dropped a video on Sept 26th. With rolling code, after watching the video this is what I am going to try, which I'd swear I've done half a dozen times already, Reset HomeLink To do this, simply push and hold the two...
  2. Garage door button on sunvisor ?

    100% perfect otherwise. It’s like the rolling code changes as its trying to close or open and the button gets hit twice.
  3. Garage door button on sunvisor ?

    I'll have to try this today. Every few months I get so fed up and end up trying again. Every time it fails. Maybe my Garage door vendor has some updated docs like you found. I can get everything programmed it just never opens smoothly. It'll open a bit and stop. Hit the button and it closes...
  4. If they killed off the 2 door WWYD?

    See what ever is out there in a two door config. Ford Bronco sounds like doors and top may come off other wise there is the new Defender I was going to buy but just go tired of waiting and the JL just exceeded my JK so much I can't justify both I'm so happy with it.
  5. Get tops from dealer is the best choice?

    Are you ordering new? There is a dual top option when you place your order. Regarding better or worse, I went with OEM however Bestop makes these so there is that. Find the look of the one you want, make a thread to see what others experience is. You probably know this but the Soft Top...
  6. Apple Maps knows...

    Yesterday, my buddy and I went to pick up the soft top for my JL using his Gladiator since it wouldn't fit in my JL. He pops open a storage area under the back seats for tie downs I thought was really cool as I hadn't seen it before. I mentioned it was cool and he thought maybe mine had one...
  7. Get tops from dealer is the best choice?

    In the US, dual top option for ordering wasn't available for 2 door so I ordered hard top and grabbed the soft. Ironically, I had to have my hard top replaced, this is no joke. It's color matched and comes without paint or glass. It had to be seen to a body shop for painting, than another...
  8. Premium soft top wear -Potential Problem

    I picked up my Soft Top last night and noticed there is some wear literally inside of the box. It has never been pulled out. Maybe wear isn't the best description and rather maybe its stretched or its hard to say but you can see where the something has stuck or pushed against the top as its a...
  9. How fast do you drive your 2 door JL on the Highway?

    Same here. Maybe the highest speed of 85 here but typically around 73-78. I prefer several vehicle lengths between myself and whatever is front of me (if its a semi the distance between the Earth and our closest star suffices so I can avoid a cracked windshield). That really is what dictates...
  10. Rear Window rattling Pics

    @JeepCares dealer suggest it's normal and the tire causing this. It's not. Anyone riding in the back can see it and hear it. Thoughts? Should this be that far off with the measurements? Lubricating the seals on rear windows dulls the sound significantly but should I be having to do that...
  11. Center console lower latch

    Happened to my '19 Rubicon. Opened to put hand gun in and closed back in Jan when I got it. Then on Sat when I was opening to put bike rack keys in and its broke. Literally second time opening. Simple fix is to slide out the bottom piece and remove the two screws and just reset it. I hate...
  12. Florida SOLD Top Lift Pro $650 (Daytona Beach area)

    If you decide shipping is an option PM me. I hope you’re enjoying the new rides!!
  13. Bike Rack Options??

    This hitch extension clears the rear tire when opening the back by about 1/4 of an inch with the Thule T2 Pro XT making this setup perfect for my needs, perfect for the Jeep, and extremely easy. I did not add a swing hitch since I can grab my pack with the bikes on by opening the back a bit...
  14. Leaks on inside back window of 2019 hardtop

    Are you getting any rattling from that back window?
  15. Bike Rack Options??

    @Tunesoul Will that extension provide the clearance? I haven't got the rack yet.
  16. Bike Rack Options??

    @Tunesoul Thanks for your video! I went with Thule and your video helped a ton. Will Kuat Hi-Lo Hitch Extension provide the necessary clearance? The one you listed hangs a bit lower then I'd like. From their site, "The Kuat Hi-Lo hitch extension adds 7 or 10 in. of length and 2.125 in. of...
  17. Speakers Static / Scratchy Noise - All Sources

    Mine was gone the next day if that helps. Haven't seen it again.
  18. Rear Window rattling Pics

    Any chance someone with a hard top measure just that back area please?
  19. Rear Window rattling Pics

    Thanks! I wish I had a picture but it sounds like you're thinking its the piece that attaches to the body of the Jeep? I'll check it out tonight. I've never looked.
  20. Rear Window rattling Pics

    There is a lot of separation here lol. Nothing like that on my JK. Is yours similar on both sides of the lip? This weekend I'll pull the tops and loosen the rear and see if it moves forward. :like: On my JK the rear top just sets in solid. Virtually no wiggle room and nothing like this.