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  1. 2021 JL with automatic, slams itself in park

    This ^ Has nothing really to do with “nanny state”, has everything to do with insurance and lawyers. Corporations don’t care if you mess up and kill yourself. But after a few million dollar successful lawsuits, they will “care”. If you wanna place blame for “nanny state” safety measures, blame...
  2. Foolish salesperson

    In my driving life I’ve bought several cars new and used. New ones I’ve bought have been Honda, Jeep and Lexus. I am in process of buying a new Jeep right now. By far the worst salespeople I have ever dealt with are Jeep. Sorry, had to say it. I know there are some great Jeep dealers out there...
  3. Rubicon 392 Hydro Blue

    Nice!! But did you get the proper official 392 plaque LOL?
  4. Why can't Jeep US get their s**t together?

    Isn’t Australia the land of Land Cruisers and Land Rovers?
  5. 2019 Jeep Rubicon sensor/service issues

    Take it to South Main Auto Repair. But seriously have you checked fuses, etc? I have an SUV and the center infotainment screen that basically controls everything went blank one day, making the car hard to drive. It was just a blown fuse.
  6. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    Why do you think this is such a huge mistake? Can you give me more detail?
  7. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    Nah, I always keep my cars at least 5 years, even the ones I wasn’t crazy about. Based on absolutely nothing but a hunch, I think in a few years Toyota will bring the Land Cruiser back to the US with a powerful electric motor. If they did that, my 392 might get traded in. That would be the only...
  8. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    I plan on getting the one one touch retractable roof, which is black. I live in Florida so that black roof is going to absorb the heat like a sponge. Is there a coating or something I can put on it to make it a little reflective to beat back the sun?
  9. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    This is in Florida, a state full of wealthy retirees. I could afford to go above MSRP but I’m just not doing it. Period. And to the sketchy dealers: don’t lie to me about “everyone” just lining up to pay above MSRP. Do you not realize other dealers relatively nearby aren’t ripping people off...
  10. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    I also hope it won’t wake up the neighbors when I start it up in the morning LOL.
  11. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    My gut says 392. I’ve been thinking about this for months and can't wait any longer.
  12. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    I called 5 or 6 dealers. A couple said forget it they couldn’t order one, period. A couple said they wanted “market price” and “people are paying 10 to 15k over sticker”. I told them forget it. One dealer I got down to $5k over sticker but he wouldn’t budge below that. Very frustrating. So this...
  13. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    I’m debating crystal granite or the blue. I keep admiring the blue and going back to it so it will probably be that.
  14. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    Well these are the sunset years of the V8 engines, pretty soon for all the trucks and SUV’s Yes, cars are the absolute worst investment. That’s what’s killing me too- I know this Jeep will depreciate the second I drive it off the lot. But with electric cars taking over in the very near future...
  15. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    I simply called around to all the dealers within 100 miles of me and finally found an honest one today. By “honest“ I mean a dealer that’s not trying to convince me “everyone” is paying above MSRP for the 392’s.
  16. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    Thanks for all the good words so far guys. I really appreciate it! I think the regret of not getting one might eat me alive for years if I don’t do it and wimp out with another Pilot or Lexus.
  17. Nervous As Hell Please Reassure Me

    Finally found an honest Jeep dealer relatively near me. I think I’m putting a deposit down on a 392 tomorrow but I’m nervous as hell. I’ve been driving a Honda Pilot for the last several years which I like, not many problems with it and comfortable. But I want a change and my cousin has a 3 year...
  18. 10 hot vehicles most likely to become collector cars

    I'm sure these Wrangler V8's will be collectible someday. The last hurrah so to speak. Sounds like there will probably be a 2022 Wrangler with V8 option, but I'm guessing 2023 will not have it. The new Jeep Wagoneers are coming out with big V8's and I'm totally guessing here, but Jeep could...
  19. CR attempts to understand the Jeep thing

    I would take any "magazine" review with a huge grain of salt. They used to be more reliable decades ago, but now all these review publications have been bought and resold over the years and you never know who owns what magazine anymore. It's all about follow the money. If the media owner hates...