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  1. Locker Position Sensor Potting - DANA 44

    Well, I found this thread a week too late.
  2. Texas Trail Edition Wrangler spotted on build & price

    I went to Big Bend Ranch State Park this weekend. Several trials there and at the neighboring national park. Good places to ride the Jeep out to some where more than a mile from other humans. May get some pinstriping there though. I know Jeep Jamboree does a yearly event a Palo Duro Canyon...
  3. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    USA/Mexico Boarder area for me... your mountains maybe bigger but we have snow near both boarders today apparently.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I ordered a set from Northridge yesterday morning too. I was going to patiently wait for them to show up, but now I’m going to be checking the doorstep constantly till they arrive.
  5. 2020 Dark Saddle Leather - Kinda Ugly?

    Leather stitching on steering wheel and shifters changes from red to silver/grey.
  6. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    I know you didn’t ask me but I just got back from too. We only had a few days as well so we weren’t able to do every one of the great trails they have out there, but you can still get a lot done with your time depending on how packed you want your day to be, and if you have to set up/ take...
  7. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Used my Jeep to make my brother in law laugh like a goofball.
  8. 6-Speed JLUR with 35s vs 37s (no re-gear)

    You can pass. Just have to find the right gear and listen to the engine rev. For me 5th is “doable” for cruising on the highway, but I actually find I get better mileage in 4th. When you hit a hill (or more wind where I’m from) you end up pushing the gas pedal to the floor and not much...
  9. 6-Speed JLUR with 35s vs 37s (no re-gear)

    37s on 4.10 rubicon gears here. It’s drivable. I’d like to regear whenever I can sneak the charge past my wife, but it is ok with stock 4.10s. May have to make a decision on stalling vs slipping the clutch when on steep inclines. I’ve stalled a few times. In 4lo I’ve never felt that 1st...
  10. Dual Top 2018 JL removing soft top installing Hard Top

    You probably have me beat. PTSD may have blurred the details at this point, but one year later I am relatively unscathed. I just have more “life experience” now and hopefully I will look to prevent future such episodes.
  11. Need general advice on breaking in a new Jeep - and taking road trips.

    Step 1: Try to “unintentionally” scratch the paint in the first month. Down to the metal is best. Step2: Go down trails that have the potential for pinstriping... you won’t feel bad because none of the damage is worse than your first scratch. Step 3: Enjoy your Jeep
  12. JL Wrangler ODB2 Scan Tools, JL Tazer, etc. - will they show which PCM software version and sales codes?

    I have a tazer mini. I got an OBDii scanner. I ran it this morning and it told me there were no stored codes... I updated the tazer software and it showed me 3 codes. I cleared them through the tazer and none have come back.
  13. Dual Top 2018 JL removing soft top installing Hard Top

    I had it stuck pretty good. I remember taking a deep breath and giving it a good was a bad idea. This year the top came off with no drama. I put the protective cover that it shipped in on it before taking it off the Jeep. I also made sure not to wrap my fingers around any of the...
  14. Dual Top 2018 JL removing soft top installing Hard Top

    This happened to me last year. It hurt so bad at first I thought I chopped the end of my finger off. I screamed for my wife or kids or someone... no one came. I finally fumbled around with my foot to pull the Jeep tool bag close enough to reach with my free hand, and used that to pry the bars...
  15. black bear pass video This news story is from July 27. I saw the video about a week ago. The big mudslide was below black bear on bridal veil falls road.
  16. Rubicon fuel economy (3.6L manual transmission)?

    Wow, I guess I’m in last place...or first??? 12ish in the city and a tad over 15 on the highway. JLUR with stock 4.10 gears, on 37s, PSI down to 26 to get better contact patch with stock 7.5in wheels. Front bumper, rear bumper w/ tire carrier, and winch add a bit of weight into the equation too.
  17. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Looks nice. And by the way, I just finished WOT on Monday. When the Rona came out, I was on book 11. One of my first thoughts was, “if I die after reading 10k pages, and don’t figure out what happens, I’m gonna be pissed.”
  18. RK 3.5 lift questions

    I have that setup: RK 3.5 no-limits, fox shocks, 37s, and stock driveshaft. Ride is fantastic, and I was told by someone much more knowledgeable than me that it was not an “big” issue. I plan on running the stock shaft as long as it lasts. Marcus at River City Offroad was a huge help in the...
  19. Soft Top Sunrider Position - can now leave in rear and side windows?

    Geez. Some people “win” arguments by force of volume over content. If you are that worried about being legally exposed while riding in sun rider with side/back windows in, like I do, then I recommend purchasing an umbrella insurance policy, like I have. This will give you added protection...
  20. JLUR vs G63 vs Jimny in off-road challenge [Carwow]

    I’m on my way back from a vacation in Iceland. We reserved a Jimny and I was excited about it, but there were none left. They gave us a free “upgrade” to an AWD Romanian beer can called the Dacia Duster. It was one of the only disappointments of the trip though. Some crazy Offroad cars there...