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  1. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Are those the stock Moab/Black wheels? I've seen 37's mounted on the stock wheels. Any rubbing with the 38's?
  2. 3.0L Eco Diesel and 35s

    The EcoDiesels, regardless of trim, are about 1.25-1.5" taller than gassers, so in my experience, they will clear. I recently put on 315/70/17 BFG KO2's on the stock Willy's wheels(black painted Rubicon/MOAB wheels). They run just fine. The EcoDiesel doesn't even care or notice that they're...
  3. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    I believe for 2020-on they switched to the bumper style on the left.
  4. Does Your Dealer Top Off your DEF?

    Just got my first Jeep Wave oil change and they did not top off the DEF. And they will only do 4 tire rotations. Just stopped off at the local Walmart and bought a 2.5 Gal of BlueDEF for $12 on the way home.
  5. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Threw some 315's BFG KO2's on this weekend. Before, on the stock 32" Firestone Destination M/T2: After, LT315/70r17 BFGoodrich KO2: She sits about 1.25"-1.5" taller with the EcoDiesel. I think it fills out the wheel wells just nice enough. Spare tire barely touches the bumper.
  6. My Diesel Mileage Sucks

    Since COVID and working from home I barely drive and if I do, it's short trips mostly on streets. I find my MPG around 20-22. But if I take the freeway on long road trips, I'll get close to or exceeding 30 MPG. I have 4400 miles on the EcoDiesel. I plan on doing the first oil change at 5k. I...
  7. DEF gauge

    My DEF didn't move from 100-99% until about 300 miles in. I'm at about 4300 miles now and a little less than 50%.
  8. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    Few random shots. 3k miles in, no issues. Love the hell out of it.
  9. DIY: Sound Deadening/ Weather Stripping JL, JLU and Gladiator Front Doors

    Just chiming in, I watched your YouTube video and did this to my JL. Noticed a -1 to -2 dB difference. Not much, but noticeable. Thinking of adding extra weather-stripping around the freedom panels too.
  10. Diesel fuel costs

    Well said. Consistent $2.59/gal for me, which is cheaper than the average $2.88/gal for 87 Octane Gas here in San Diego (one of the most expensive cities in America to live in). Average $40 to fill up, which is ironically the same amount I used to spend to fill up my 2017 Honda Civic.
  11. 2021 ecodiesel badge

    Saw this over at another forum post I noticed this emblem. Maybe the light colors get a silver emblem and the darker colors get this one? I think this one would look spiffy against my Sting Gray. I did some information gathering around and thinking these might be the part numbers for the...
  12. Longest Range you've gotten off a tank?

    394 miles with a little less than 1/8 tank left. Mileage computer said it still had about 34 miles left. Stock (Willys 32”) wheels/tires.
  13. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    That's probably the case. My 2020 manual mentions nothing about diesel at all.
  14. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    It came with my regular owner’s manual, in the little green Jeep bag it comes in. You can also find it in pdf here:
  15. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    Yes, I mentioned that. Was just trying to mention what was in the diesel supplemental manual.
  16. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    Just looked through the Diesel Supplement. Page 23 mentions DEF, but also mentions from under/rear the Jeep.
  17. 2021 JL Eco Diesel needing repair?

    I have a 2020 Willys diesel. Can confirm that mine makes a buzzing sound, although not as loud as yours. It only lasts about a minute. There's a similar thread over at the Gladiator forums:
  18. Smittybilt side armor uneven

    I have the same ones and the fit/finish are great. I love that they include a trim piece that covers up the body seam welds. The body for sure tapers in towards the back. They include shims in the install kit, but I didn't have to use those.
  19. Brakes?

    Can confirm, Willys have "Anti–Lock 4–Wheel Disc Heavy–Duty Brakes" as part of the Willys Package. They work great for me, especially with the diesel.