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  1. Aftermarket windshield durability poll

    Well so far mine hasn't and I've so far NOT spent a penny on cracks and one windshield, so far im up about 500 :)
  2. Aftermarket windshield durability poll

    Umm, you definitely have a point! Lol
  3. Aftermarket windshield durability poll

    According to my agent whom I've known 20+years, they aren't allowed to do so :)
  4. Rubicon for Mostly Highway Road Trip Travel?

    I drive mine back and forth from New Jersey to Florida straight through almost 20 hours no issue with my back or anything else and I am 6 foot 3 in my JLUR! 2019
  5. Aftermarket windshield durability poll

    Have I ever told you guys I love Florida! LOL I was just about to go down to the place and pay to have the chips repaired and I found this little gem out! Your vehicle needs to be registered and insured in the great state of Florida!
  6. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

  7. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    Good point!
  8. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    Yes, that is why I clarified. I asked mark how long will it take me to get the vinyl front soft doors and he told me 5 days so that's what I'm going with I hope?
  9. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    Fyi, I asked him about the vinyl front doors for 2019 JLUR
  10. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    So, Marc Sawyer from Bestop is incorrect? Huh
  11. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

  12. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    My bad I was actually inquiring if bestop themselves could respond to this thread? Thank you :-)
  13. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    Ok, so how long a wait for a set of vinyl front doors? You'll have in 7-10 days OR those are the ones spoken for? If so, how long yyp actually get a set for front?ty
  14. Jeep JL death wobble and bump steer. Did yeti xd steering fix issue?

    Exactly right! There is something else causing the stabilizer to go south no doubt about it
  15. Steering issues - what do I look for?

    Bone stock, nothing changed from factory. Tire pressure All good the vehicle was perfect ,zero wobble until I started hitting around the 10,000 mile mark and it progressively got worse and worse ,almost to the point of death wobble. Then they changed the steering stabilizer and it was perfect...
  16. Steering issues - what do I look for?

    The steering stabilizer recall isn't going to do it a damn thing! I had mine done approximately 11000 miles to go and the wobble is coming back. so I'll be heading to the dealership to have another second piece of junk steering stabilizer put on! You would think when they did a recall they would...
  17. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

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