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  1. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    March 2018 build and I purchased it new November 2018, wasn't fully loaded AND IT'S A MAUAL TRANSMISSION! Apparently very few San Diegans' understand that concept :LOL: Been slowly building since then and just fully Cloaked it two months ago with 37" BFG M/T's and Method 704 wheels. Researching...
  2. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    The dealer I use in Carlsbad CA. has never provided a loaner stating FCA won't reimburse them. They used to be great about getting me a lyft or Uber to and from the dealership during a repair until Covid hit and then Lyft and Uber tripled there costs. So your lucky they gave you a loaner for 5...
  3. Has anyone moved their rear license plate and light to the spare tire?

    Thanks for the pictures, especially the one identifying the Orange/White and Black wires. I used that today to power my new license plate light that I'm moving to the spare tire location.
  4. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JL / JLU!

    Put me in Coach!!! I'm ready to play those Hot Heads :devil: I liked both pages and really need these installed in my Jeep....Please,Please,Please pick me:like:
  5. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    Good to know, I was planning on calling my dealer soon to get an appointment. Guess I'll wait a couple more months to see if they make more changes.
  6. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    i have had a set of the stainless version for 6 months and love them!!! so much better than that damn stick. Great and easy upgrade that you will enjoy for the life of your Jeep :like:
  7. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    I've been told November parts will be available, now I'm wondering if its worth it. My steering issues are not as pronounced as a lot of people posting.
  8. California OEM 4dr Hard Top

    Thanks for reaching out and letting me know yours was available but I was able to buy a used 2019 hard top last February.
  9. The Tire Carrier Thread

    If you buy it, please add to your post on how you like it, how the install went, etc. I've been waiting for this tire carrier as well. Thanks :like:
  10. Diff Cover Upgrade vs Diff Skids vs both?

    Glad to be of help. It seems different MC reps are supplying conflicting information on this subject. Some guys have been told it won't conflict with the track bar. Please update this forum if you find and are happy with a different solution. Good Luck :like:
  11. Diff Cover Upgrade vs Diff Skids vs both?

    I agree the Important Notes are not written well and are confusing. Like I've said numerous times in this forum, Meltalcloak told me it would rub on my 2018 stock JLU. I've returned the part and I'm moving on. I've seen other posts in the past regarding this rubbing issue, but don't remember...
  12. Diff Cover Upgrade vs Diff Skids vs both?

    Well, I'm just going by what they told me. I asked about getting the their track bar and again he said it wouldn't work due to my stock lift. Two different opinions being offered. I've already sent the parts back and I changed my gear oil front and back yesterday. I don't want to buy a diff...
  13. Diff Cover Upgrade vs Diff Skids vs both?

    I realize that and that is why I asked about adding there track bar to solve the issue, but the guy told me it's the fact that my vehicle wasn't lifted. He said with their track bar installed on my stock JLU it would rub. I have very little knowledge or understanding about lifts, so I follow the...
  14. Diff Cover Upgrade vs Diff Skids vs both?

    Yeah, but metal cloak said it is the fact that I dont have a lift. I asked about adding their track bar and they said the vehicle needs a lift, or any track bar will have same issue. Thats why I've been looking for another diff cover that won't rub. Still searching :(
  15. Diff Cover Upgrade vs Diff Skids vs both?

    Thanks for your response. Ill keep searching for what works for my situation
  16. Diff Cover Upgrade vs Diff Skids vs both?

    Thanks for the input. Hopefully the MC won't have the same issue.
  17. Diff Cover Upgrade vs Diff Skids vs both?

    So I just purchased the Metal Cloak front diff cover and skid, only to realize after the fact it wont work with a stock 2018 JLU rubicon because it blocks movement of the track bar. I didn't see the small warning box stating this in the website (My Mistake) DUH! So I'm looking at other diff...
  18. Opinions on the manual transmission

    Thats funny. I've noticed the same problem when I have the stereo volume too loud...
  19. Opinions on the manual transmission

    Hey Blubikong, when I mentioned issues, it was related to the clutch recall, not "other issues" and they updated me within 3 hrs of dropping off the Jeep. Once I get more information I'll I'll update my post. Still using and enjoying the rotopax mount you sold me
  20. Opinions on the manual transmission

    Just dropped my 2018 JLU Rubicon off today for the clutch recall and they called me this afternoon stating they had to order some parts because they identified some issues (didn't advise what exactly). When I get it back with the parts breakdown, I'll update this post. I have smelled the clutch...