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  1. Giveaway!!! KC all NEW Cyclone V2 LED 6-Light ROCK LIGHT KIT

    Even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes!
  2. Jeep says 4xe sold out??

    Things are going to be very different this year. We've been able to order 2022 Ram for a little over a month now, but they're not up on Ram's site. Compass is done scheduling 2021 orders, but we can't order 2022 yet. We get no answers from our rep, your guess is as good as ours on when the full...
  3. Door Lock Cylinder Removal?

    Well, I answered my own question about 15 seconds after I posted. One screw removed and bingo. Party on Wayne!
  4. Door Lock Cylinder Removal?

    So I scored some half doors, taking them apart to prep so my buddy can paint them. Anywho, I have no earthly idea how to get the lock cylinder out of the front doors? I’ve only really worked with 90’s and older vehicle doors so this is new to me. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Jeep says 4xe sold out??

    Eh, our area rep has set some really low expectations on when we can order 2022's. Don't expect soon, a more realistic expectation is late Fall. In our Stellantis employee FB group, a factory employee said 21's final production date is scheduled for December 4th, with 22's start date scheduled...
  6. Ticking Timebomb?

    Yep. 2017 Ram 2500 not deleted, and I work at a dealership.
  7. Ticking Timebomb?

    Just a reminder the worst thing for these DEF Systems is town only driving and idling. The exhaust needs to heat up to clean out the particulate filter that causes most of the issues. I've seen Jeeps and Rams with less than 7k miles have the "Service DEF System" pop up because they don't drive...
  8. A-hole Dealer on the Phone

    My sales manager just takes like 9 minutes to quote something out, him and computers don't work well together. So I have to call people back with the price, but it's really not an issue. Text, email, over the phone, however you'd like to be contacted works for me. I've also never heard of Four...
  9. Have all the JL problems been worked out for '21?

    This is an interesting topic. With a new model there will always be issues in the first few years. For the most part it seems they've gotten the major ones 'Fixed', but there will always be something. Sold a $85k 392 and the switch for the Sky One Touch top wasn't installed all the way. Took...
  10. Snow Stories .... How has your JL beasted through some of the white stuff??

    Nothing quite as dramatic as that for sure. I just get on the road, floor it and slam the brakes to see how the roads are, and go accordingly from there.
  11. Jeepers who do a spare tire delete, what is your plan in the event of a flat?

    Plug kit and air compressor. Spare comes with on long hauls, and when it's trailered to some serious wheeling.
  12. Biggest mark up for a 392 so far? MSRP of 80k - Dealer price of 125k!

    The 392 and TRX markups are insane!! Customer bought a TRX, was $90K ish, drove it home and started taking buy bids from dealers.... $103K buy bid from a Vegas dealer. So that dealer would be selling it in the $120 range I'd imagine or more. Patience is the name of the game.
  13. Insane Used Jeep pricing.

    Used market is INSANE. I'm at a dealer and luckily we have a conscious about it. All of our used cars are priced BELOW current book, and we won't raise them up to book. If we did it would be an awkward conversation in 3 years when that person wants to trade that used car in and they're $4K+...
  14. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    Actually found mine "Used" there at Piazza Hyundai lol Bought it March of 2020... yep. Right when Covid was starting. I called 62+ dealers across the country who had exactly what we wanted. Theirs happened to be used, so best deal was on that one. Only reason I did this was wife wanted Punk'n...
  15. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    Bought ours in West Chester, Pennsylvania and Drove it back to Durango, Colorado. I had very low expectations, owning a YJ and spending some time in a JK, and it was actually a very comfortable and enjoyable trip. Crosswind will still get you a bit, but other than that it is a very road trip...
  16. Pick 3. Which 2021 colors would you VOTE off the island for 2022?

    I herd Billet is out. I have not herd anything about Nacho or Sting Gray? Are these your votes or did you maybe hear something else? Apparently Sting Gray is back on. This screen changes daily it seems.
  17. Pick 3. Which 2021 colors would you VOTE off the island for 2022?

    Huh? Where were you able to confirm Sting-Gray is out for 2022? Well now I feel silly. Sting-Gray is back available for order as of this morning. But here's what is showing this morning.
  18. Pick 3. Which 2021 colors would you VOTE off the island for 2022?

    Nacho, Billet Silver, and Sting-Gray have already been voted off the island...