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  1. Sway bar link mount failure

    Just found an issue with my sway bar link mount, it sheered off somehow.. looks like I’ll need a tab welded on.. any suggestions?
  2. Jeeps and dogs

    I agree - I want one of those now too, much better..
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Thanks! I thought they were good, but not enough- I ended up installing the new KC Slim LED lights (7,200 lumen) on the A-Pillar and moving the LZRs (2,200 lumen) down to a winch plate light mount. Went on a night run and was blown away at how good the combo works.. like daylight.. I know it was...
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Added some fancy quick disconnects.. handy!!!
  5. Anyone running a Rubicon Express 2.5” lift kit with twin tube shocks?

    Thanks , I was a little worried going 4.5 inches in lift with 35’s, but the stance looks good and I have room for 37’s once I beef up the axles ..
  6. Anyone running a Rubicon Express 2.5” lift kit with twin tube shocks?

    Turned out really good! I’m happy with it.. the front springs have a little bowing but not bad. The sway bar links tend to come loose too easy even at torque spec. I’m going to get the quick disconnects soon. The shocks are good , solid feel to the ride.
  7. Pixel Decals

    That is an awesome idea!! That would be a blast on the trail ..
  8. Pixel Decals

    Thanks ThirtyOne!
  9. Pixel Decals

    Yup - that's the call, it's just easier to adjust with a larger sticker.. dry method you better have it right before you press it on!
  10. Pixel Decals

    Here’s another pic outside in the light..
  11. Pixel Decals

    Thanks, and don’t be worried, it was much easier to work with than I thought.. my garage was at 85 degrees, which is the high end of almost too hot .. not sure if that helped relax the vinyl but I had no bubbles at all..
  12. Pixel Decals

    Thanks ! I was worried about the yellow..
  13. Pixel Decals

    Thanks Morton!
  14. Pixel Decals

    Doh!! Didn’t see my mistake .. thanks !
  15. Pixel Decals

    Awesome.. those were the good days!!
  16. Pixel Decals

    It was a lot easier than I thought it would be .. I screwed up a bit and was still able to correct the angle and get it right , happy with the outcome !
  17. Pixel Decals

    Drivers side is done!
  18. Pixel Decals

    Thank you! That’s a big help, I’m going with the wet method to make it easier to get any bubbles out .. hope I don’t screw this up!
  19. Pixel Decals

    I got my decals for Muttley.. I only get one chance to get this right, anyone have any tips on installing?
  20. I went from Rubicon to Sport. AMA

    The color is interesting - it changes so much depending on the light - sometimes it looks really dark, and sometimes it pops in the sun like this one.