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  1. Suffolk County NY JL group

    Damn I'm sorry I missed it ... was there a good turn out ?
  2. Suffolk County NY JL group

    I like them ... they fit well not perfect but they are comfortable... I got them due to my 8 year old is sometimes messy ... from what I have heard they should be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  3. Suffolk County NY JL group

    Those are awesome plates o just upgraded to excelsior plates also
  4. Suffolk County NY JL group

    I've been to Smiths Point a few times. There's a cut that runs through the dunes to get to the jetty , it's sometimes muddy, sometimes sandy but my son enjoyed the ride ( so did I ) alot of groups that are out here charge for you to become a member ( I don't like that ) and have monthly meetings...
  5. How to clean scrape off steel bumper?

    Try using the hot almost boiling water method and push from the back... I've done it on many plastic bumpers painted and non painted it does well ... just don't burn yourself!
  6. Suffolk County NY JL group

    Lol thats for the state permit for fishing only at democratic point, gilgo, and sore thumb... I'm not sure what beaches are opening this year I've heard rumors that they are trucking sand in for sore thumb and gilgo but personally I have yet to see anything new... plus the state permit they are...
  7. Suffolk County NY JL group

    Thats all I know at the moment ... good luck !!
  8. Suffolk County NY JL group

  9. Suffolk County NY JL group

    Diver down neoprene seat covers and rear seat recline and the free grab handles
  10. Suffolk County NY JL group

    New dash pieces installed this past weekend
  11. Suffolk County NY JL group

    Nice I really hope they open up the fire island beaches for that
  12. Suffolk County NY JL group

    In order**
  13. Suffolk County NY JL group

    I ordered to get the outer beach for gilgo ... you need a saltwater fishing license (free) and go to the long island state park headquarters at Belmont ave in babylon ... idk how much it costs ... I saw that gilgo is barely there right now which is why I went back with county
  14. Suffolk County NY JL group

    The permit i get is for the suffolk County outer beach... you have to purchase a green key for approx $130 (good for 3 years) and then you can purchase the permit for $100 (good for one year) i go to smiths point Beach to buy they are open until 6pm ... you'll need your registration ... go to...
  15. Suffolk County NY JL group

    Lol not at all ... he doesn't hold onto things very well id hate to have to stop constantly to grab his junk
  16. Suffolk County NY JL group

    I'm just a little bit nervous about the doors off with my 8 year old
  17. Suffolk County NY JL group

    Thanks ive been looking into the led conversions but haven't been happy with quality that I've seen on the road ... I was looking into the mirrors that mount to the windshield hinges than other locations
  18. Suffolk County NY JL group

    This past saturday at smiths point
  19. Suffolk County NY JL group

    Hey guys, I really appreciate you bringing the thread back up ... sorry I've been a little busy with work this past year with covid ... (and forgot my password)... I live in Port Jeff / Coram border and work in Bohemia... and my son lives out in Hicksville... looking to do some more mods soon...
  20. Looking for my fellow Long there anybody out there?

    Hello all, Dan from Coram / Port Jeff , 2018 JLU sport s Ocean blue turbo, i was waiting for the gladiator (at the time there was no delivery date in sight) I got it from Browns in Patchogue in April 2019, easiest process I've ever had at a dealer ... paid $4000 under sticker, real minor mods...