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    Fuel Beast have a bronze finish.
  2. You know your dog likes your jeep when....

    Love my Goldens but the fur not so much.
  3. You know your dog likes your jeep when....

    I will give it a try. Best thing I found was the exam gloves that are used at a doctors office. They will grab the hair and roll it up to be vacuumed. Thanks.
  4. Tire and lift advise please

    This is 17 inch Fuel Beast wheels in 35 inch tires. It is a sport S with a Mopar 2.5 and I am pleased with the everything about it. Now this works for me and probably would for most but do your homework before you buy, mod regrets run wild around here.
  5. Show her pictures of your JL's winch!

    Just a lowly, ineffective, cheep Smittybuilt. But it has never let me down, has never been used either.
  6. Dog hair carpet protection

    I have 2 Goldens and just a short trip looks like a fur bomb went off. I tried the carpet film but did not stay and the wife did not like it. No big ideas here but what I am using.... A $9 moving blanket from Northern Tools and what helps remove the fur in the carpet is latex medical gloves. Get...
  7. You know your dog likes your jeep when....

    The fur cleanup is not fun but they really enjoy the adventure.
  8. Stock JL Sport 2 door. Will it offroad?

    No problem. I had the MT on my 2014 JK with a manual transmission and I liked them. The JL with the automatic does even better, very quick takeoff. I wish it had the 4:10 gears but not worth the expense to change them. If I ever go to 37s then I would have to change gears then.
  9. Stock JL Sport 2 door. Will it offroad?

    Sorry for the delay... Mickey Thompson 35s with Fuel "Beast" wheels in 17 inch. Thanks.
  10. Stock JL Sport 2 door. Will it offroad?

    Sorry, posted before completed... A sport would not satisfy most people but a rubicon is way more than the same people will ever use. This is my 3rd Wrangler and all were Spot models because it works for me. If you need or just want a Rubicon and you have the 7k do it, you wond be disappointed.
  11. Stock JL Sport 2 door. Will it offroad?

    Hello Lightsped, I am also in Kennesaw. I was convinced I was getting a Rubicon but did get the Sport S. It just fit what I will be using it for but there are days I have regrets. I do use the small storage space where the locker control would be more than I would the lo lockers.
  12. The Non-Rubicon Jl & JLU Thread

    I like my Rampage bumper.
  13. The Non-Rubicon Jl & JLU Thread

    Just got my 2019 a few weeks ago. No problems and very happy.