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  1. Illinois White Fender Flares

    I'm interested, are you willing to ship?
  2. Opinions on Hartop Headliner?

    I'm considering a coverking. I like the look a lot better than hot heads, but I don't think they do as much for heat/sound. Not sure coverking can be installed with the hardtop still on though, since I don't have space to remove it and lay it down safely.
  3. Florida JL Sahara painted fenders for sale

    Are the fender lights LED?
  4. "Aux switches temporarily unavailable while battery charging"

    Thanks for the input guys! I ended up taking my Jeep to the dealer and they replaced both the main and aux batteries and I haven't had any issues since. The tech said they test the batteries to see how long they hold a charge and mine were the worst he's ever seen lol. I guess the heat down...
  5. "Aux switches temporarily unavailable while battery charging"

    Thanks! The only thing I've done different recently is I used the 12v outlet on the dash to test out a friend's dash cam, which has since been unplugged. That outlet is only on when the Jeep is on though, so I wouldn't expect it to drain the battery? I live in a city, so I can regularly go 5-7...
  6. "Aux switches temporarily unavailable while battery charging"

    How do I check the voltage of both the main and aux battery? There's only 1 option to check voltage on the dash.
  7. "Aux switches temporarily unavailable while battery charging"

    I went to start up my 2018 JLU Sport S the other day and got a message on the dash that said "Aux switches temporarily unavailable while battery charging". I only have 2 things connected to my Aux switches and neither were on, so I thought it was weird. I flipped through the vehicle info pages...
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Mind sharing how you mounted the rear cam? I have the same setup but found there's no good way to securely mount it and have a good view because of the angle of the camera's bracket.
  9. Vinyl wrap/plasti dip inside of door

    With Punk'n discontinued it's getting harder and harder to find a Punk'n Wrangler or Gladiator on a dealer lot that's configured how I want. I've been thinking about just vinyl wrapping the Jeep I want to be Punk'n, however I'm having a hard time finding an exact, or close enough, match from a...
  10. California SOLD

    Damn, this is a great deal but I'm in Florida :crying:
  11. Problem with New Sahara

    Did this come with the dual top group? It looks like the box from soft top may have tore up the seat when it was folded down
  12. How about a JLU XL?!

    I'm all in if they ever make a 2 door Gladiator. I don't think it would be too difficult to do either. With all these shops like Rubitrux and SoFlo Jeeps who do pick up and 6x6 conversions I hope somebody makes a kit to turn a JLU in to a 2 door Gladiator. You can already order almost all...
  13. Chance of punk'n returning?

    I think with the upcoming launch of the Gladiator Mojave that Jeep discontinued punk'n in order to make it a Mojave specific color. Their two promo vehicles were punk'n and sing gray, so it makes no sense for them to promote this model and then immediately cancel the color completely. For the...
  14. Actual Height of JLUR?

    Stock height of the Rubicon is 6'2" I believe, depending on hard top v soft top. I have a Sport S with a 2.5in lift and 35in tires and I barely fit inside my 6'6" parking garage with less than an inch to spare
  15. Maine 2018 JLR Rubicon every package MINT

    Is this still available? I've been looking for a 2 door punk'n which are hard to come by. What's your price?
  16. The Jeep Gladiator is Struggling

    Those last two, with the 4 doors and short bed, wouldn't work because the wheel wells cut in to where the rear seats are. You'd either have stationary rear seats that don't fold and have no under sear storage and terrible leg room, or only be able to have 2 people in the back positioned between...
  17. The Jeep Gladiator is Struggling

    Exactly. If it's a niche truck Jeep should commit and make a 2 door Gladiator for the die hard Jeep enthusiasts and go full niche. If you want a practical family Jeep get a Compass or Grand Cherokee. They have the plant capacity to add a 2 door to the Gladiator line. Plus, have you seen how...
  18. The Jeep Gladiator is Struggling

    The JK8 definitely caught my attention when it first came out and I won’t lie that neither the JK8 or J6 are the most practical. However, not everyone needs a Jeep to be their practical daily driver. The J6 would be my weekend/nice weather around town/beach or camping trip/toy hauler. If it came...
  19. The Jeep Gladiator is Struggling

    I would absolutely buy this in a heartbeat, but I unfortunately don't see FCA ever making it a reality. Fingers crossed for a limited edition release maybe? I'm holding out hope that some third party will make a 2 door conversion kit for the JT or JLU.
  20. Northridge4x4's Giveaway Gladiator Build!

    Entered! Would love to do a 3.5in lift, 38in tires, and sweet bed rack/sport bar system.