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  1. What Non-Factory Mod is Absolutely Worth Every Penny

    I debated getting the pad but didn't and am very happy with the comfort of it, maybe if I was barefoot a lot I'd want it but I can't imagine it making much of a difference w/ shoes on. I went w/ the Quadratec and am so glad I did, very easy install and very solid, this was my first dead pedal...
  2. 2021 Rubicon - Select Fill Alert / Tire fill alert missing

    No, no, no. Each gets $1, lawyers get $900K.
  3. I want to add an option to my build - what is the best course of action?

    If you're still in D status it's technically possible. Your dealer will likely say they can not make any changes and they would not be lying, however they can get with their FCA rep and the rep can make the change for them/you. As long as it's not an engine or something else that would change...
  4. Cruise varies by 5mph with 2.0L & Advanced Safety Group

    I have always used adaptive CC (not sure why I would want to ever use standard) on my 2021 and it only varies 0-1 MPH unless of course there's a vehicle in front of me. Edit: I have not had it in mountainous regions yet.
  5. Service axle locker system
  6. Order now or wait for '22?

    21s should be built until 12/4 and then 22s start on 12/6. Order banks for 22s open 10/5. At some point they will stop taking 21 orders when they have enough to make it until 12/4 and likely convert any remaining ones to 22. Now if they don't get enough 21 orders to make it to 12/4 then I'm not...
  7. Anyone who ordered gorilla glass in D1 status yet?

    Sure it can. They usually start the build 0-2 days before the ship date. And if all goes well they can have it finished in 1-2 days although it's probably closer to 3-4 on average before they load it up to ship. Again, if all goes well....
  8. Regret 37s?

    Big tires leads to lift and shocks which leads to driveshaft which leads to tailgate reinforcement which leads to steering upgrades which leads to ball joints which leads to brakes which leads to gearing which leads to axels which then leads to an engine swap which finally leads to.....divorce...
  9. Warranty Heads Up. Not Always Dealers Fault

    And the lawyers get $65 per person.
  10. And i was just asking about the 2.0 vs 3.6.

    Unless you bought one manufactured between January 24th, 2020 and March 18th, 2020 it wouldn't apply to yours. There can be recalls on anything anywhere, nothing to base an engine buying decision on unless there were multiple recalls trying to fix the same issue and still some questions whether...
  11. Anyone who ordered gorilla glass in D1 status yet?

    The general answer is if being stuck in D status for 45 days then you can escalate by asking via Jeep Chat. I say "general" because sometimes they make people wait longer, sometimes shorter and it was a moving target in terms of the # of days at one point but it seemed to settle around 45. Now...
  12. Blackvue Dash Camera With ACC and Safety Feature Mounting Option

    Here's the post:
  13. Blackvue Dash Camera With ACC and Safety Feature Mounting Option

    Not my picture (snagged from somewhere on this site) - I believe the mount was 3D printed:
  14. Best combo for reliability?

    OP, I was in the same place 3-4 months ago and after many test drives and a pro/con matrix it was a pretty even split the two. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either. I would definitely suggest you try them both out multiple times. I ended up going w/ my gut and what was the most...
  15. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Check out a Pedal Commander or iDrive.
  16. Anyone who ordered gorilla glass in D1 status yet?

    From what others have said yes, we should get it on ours. I have not dug through all my documentation yet to see if it's in something they gave me at purchase but in theory it should be covered.
  17. Anyone know what these are on the windshield?

    And now you can never unsee them :(
  18. Anyone know what these are on the windshield?

    Yeah, in all fairness my first photo was taken with the bright sky in the background making them much easier to see. They're not something that jumps out at you until you go and try to mount something in that area. Then you'll see them everyday ;)