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  1. Engine Check Light - Now also Stop/Start System Warning Light

    So I confirmed today that I had the same issue (or very similar) as @Lustmord. Right valve cover found to be leaking on the O2 sensor. Threw codes P2096 and P0171. New O2 sensor and new valve pan cover gaskets and so far so good.
  2. Engine Check Light - Now also Stop/Start System Warning Light

    Just had this happen to my wife on Saturday; start/stop alert, cel, and very rough idle. Sounds like the same issue the op had as the dealer said they replaced the O2 sensor and valve pan gaskets because they were leaking slightly. Should be ready to pick up tomorrow. The dealer is a good 70...
  3. HEMI swap for the JL?

    Here's a link to the mopar instructions for the engine and the harness. It looks like it's not as simple as a splice connector, but if you have time and the patience it doesn't look too difficult. There is at least one requirement to...
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Looks great! Just ordered the ultimate top for my Jeep this afternoon. Can't wait to get it installed.
  5. HEMI swap for the JL?

    Not sure if anyone has considered doing the swap themselves rather than paying a company to do it. The harness is available from Mopar, as is the crate engine; $1585 for the harness, $5600 for the 5.7L Hemi, and $99 for motor mounts. There are a few other things you'd need, but the harness is...
  6. DIY Hood Struts?

    S-Tech makes a set and they claim they'll fit the JK or JL. Northridge sells them:
  7. DIY Oil Change using Fumato drain valve

    I used one on my Superduty and ran a short piece of hose into a 5 gallon bucket with lid and small opening. Let it drain while I changed the filter up on top of the engine. Took a lot longer, but had zero mess. Will use one on the JL as well.
  8. Any word about half doors being offered on JL?

    And I'll throw my name in the hat too. Would like to have the option, either regular half doors or those from the Switchback concept.
  9. What Jeep gear did you get for Christmas?

    Cool beans. I may end up going with that cover as well. If I could figure out how to tighten up the back end and make it a bit more stiff I'd probably order one today.
  10. What Jeep gear did you get for Christmas?

    Bummer you've had to wait so long for your new Jeep! What cargo cover did you end up getting? I couldn't decide on one yet and ended up buying two tension rods and a piece of fabric to cover the area for now - only to keep items out of sight.
  11. What Jeep gear did you get for Christmas?

    Wil-Ro adventure trailer. It will be ready for pickup in a couple of weeks. Matching Rubicon wheels are on the way too.
  12. 5 Rubicon take offs with TPMS Exton PA $950

    Just saw them on Facebook. Was going to send a PM, but I only need 2. Cheapest I've seen.