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  1. Summer Hard-Top Storage?

    Here's a thread on hardtop carts and shelves:
  2. Hardtop Cart / Holder DIY

    Thanks! I also was thinking about a hoist, but it made me a little nervous and claustrophobic (probably unnecessarily so, but to each his own). Once the top goes up there, I’m also going to use ratchet straps to secure the top on top of everything.
  3. Hardtop Cart / Holder DIY

    Here's what I did: I was trying to build a shelf, using the cart design as the platform of the shelf. The studs in my garage were spaced in such a way that I had to go with 64", build a frame, and then build the cart part on top of that. I probably over-built this, but I like it. Picks the top...
  4. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    2019 Sahara 2.0L Ordered: 2/25 D1: 2/27 In transit: 3/9 Delivered to dealer 3/19
  5. Hardtop Cart / Holder DIY

    Oh, I see your solution for going extra wide (which makes sense, thanks for the clarification). I was thinking more about the designs where the bottom is open. I'll give some thought to adding a floor, like you have.
  6. Hardtop Cart / Holder DIY

    My question is not about whether 2x4s are strong enough for the load, but where does the top itself sit when on the cart? I was thinking that the side 2x4s hold some of the load, and that if you widen the cart too much, the top could just slide out the bottom of the cart onto the floor. For...
  7. Hardtop Cart / Holder DIY

    Question for the 72" width guys: It looks like on the 60" width carts, the weight of the top is supported in part (or maybe even primarily) by the 29" side-frame 2x4's (or 2x6's, depending on what you went with). On the 72" width design, does that weight end up being supported more by the 1x2...
  8. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Long-time lurker here - finally made my order today for a 2019 Sahara, and finally joined/registered in the forum. My first Jeep ever (I can't wait to complain about how it doesn't steer like my Audi A4), and I couldn't be more pumped. It's going to be a shameless mall-crawler, but I look...