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  1. For those who have the tan are they holding up? Any regrets?

    Tan seats Punk'n jeep. 24000 problem Just use good cleaner + conditioner
  2. 2020 JL Pumkin with 190miles

    Nice color for all seasons
  3. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    A wrangler is like a nice dive watch...I don't have to go saturation diving to enjoy the watch. Enjoy driving it on and off road
  4. New owner/ 2019 Jeep sahara

    Same here, just few drops, nothing much
  5. Why Not A Rubicon?

    For me the Sahara had all that I wanted and met my budget. I thought about getting a Rubicon but it would have been just for the name.
  6. Are Titan tube doors any good?

    No. I waited about 2 weeks, order was not fulfilled so I canceled order. Did not want to wait without knowing a ship date. Looks like similar doors on other venders are out of stock
  7. Are Titan tube doors any good?

    They look identical, I was going to order the EAGs but they raised the price to $519 for set of 4
  8. Are Titan tube doors any good?

    When I first when to the page a pop-up subscription window came up with 10% offer off first purchase. I would reach out to them, see if you can get it.
  9. Are Titan tube doors any good?

    In I got 10% of first purchase so total was $360. I will know soon how good they are.
  10. Are Titan tube doors any good?

    I was planning on getting some EAG tube doors, but they have raised the price. I found identical Titan doors at $100 less.
  11. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Went with a group of JLs to Nemo last weekend
  12. what about MPG

    Getting great mileage
  13. Safety Group instead of Advanced Safety Group?

    Honestly I didn't want to exceed on budget. Got the safety package because people don't watch out in parking lots. It has saved me several times already.
  14. Fan makes noise on level 2

    Funning thing is that I normally just set it on 3, then other day I turned to 2 and noticed the noise Well...noise gone. Must be from all the rain we had :rain:
  15. Fan makes noise on level 2

    When I have the cabin fan on 2 there is a low sound that occurs? Only occurs on 2 Anyone else has same issue.
  16. Sahara vs Rubicon HELP!

    If you already have sport, I would get the Sahara, for me it was the better ride as a daily. Also, you get softtop ($1500) You can upgrade the sport if you decide to get adventurous :jk:
  17. Sahara Wrangler as daily driver

    Have 2019 Sahara. Its the road noise that you need to be ok with. Drive is smooth, we have driven taken 500 mile trips (each way) with premium softtop and with hardtop. I test drove them for several months before ordering it. I felt slightly more comfortable in Sahara. No regrets, great family...
  18. Canned Cranberry Sauce vs Homemade

    Canned cranberry is like hospital jello :lipssealed: Home made all the way
  19. Why did you buy a Jeep?

    Saw a great YouTube video showing jl being tested in New Zealand.