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  1. How long did it take to get your 2 door?

    I ordered a 2 door Willys with 2.0T, half doors, gorilla glass and some other options on 5/21/21 and it was delivered to the dealer on 8/6/21. Seemed inline with others who were ordering 4 doors models at the time.
  2. Half Door - Front Seat Belt Chatter

    Thank you!
  3. Half Door - Front Seat Belt Chatter

    Has anyone found a solution to cut down on the front seat belt noise. I bought the spiderwebshade for the rears but obviously you can’t use these on the front when driving. keeping my arm on the top of the door as far back as possible works to quiet them but it’s not a long term solution...
  4. Best Wrangler for Long Road Trips

    I recently traded my 4 Door Willys for a 2 Door and have been pleasantly surprised with the ride of the 2Dr. I expected it to be considerably worse but so far I’m very happy. Having said that if you are doing a lot of long distance trips I would check out the Grand Cherokee as well. We...
  5. I want to add an option to my build - what is the best course of action?

    I know others have been able to change or add some items if it's not into a certain build status but you're going to have to go through the dealer. I would not wait much longer if you want a chance to have it added.
  6. Can you order just lower half doors

    I highly doubt you can but better to ask your dealer.
  7. Anyone who ordered gorilla glass in D1 status yet?

    Mine looks exactly the same and so far no leaks that I can find.
  8. Any 2 door regrets?

    I just traded in a 2021 JLU for a 2 Door willys and could not be happier.
  9. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Took delivery 10 days ago and thought I would share a little half 2 door porn.
  10. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Took delivery 10 days ago and finally got the half doors on. Perfect 70 degree day for this!
  11. 2 Door Love

    Finally got the half doors on after picking it up 10 days ago.
  12. What are these straps for?

    That makes sense and thank you!
  13. Anyone who ordered gorilla glass in D1 status yet?

    I thought I saw a post a few weeks ago about the window seal in the lower corner not being right and I think mine looks a bit strange as well. I've searched back and forth but can;t find the post with the picture. Can someone point me in the right location of this. Thanks!
  14. What are these straps for?

    Got my 2 door soft top last week and can't figure out what these two straps are for. Also came with two velcro straps which I believe are to hold down the top in sun-rider mode but can't find where these would be used which have a snap at the end.
  15. How can I find a 392 for my boss?!?!?

    Here is one about 200 miles from Fayetteville, AR. Let me know how you want to pay my finders fee!
  16. Wanna join the 15+ week club?

    My 2 Door Willys was ordered 5/21 and delivered 8/6 which is exactly 11 weeks.
  17. Soft Top Window Storage Question 2 Door

    The part number for the bag I ordered is 68358392AC
  18. Soft Top Window Storage Question 2 Door

    I could not bend it enough to fit and did not want to break something on day one. Based on the width of the bar at the bottom of the back window I don’t see any way this could fit as the diagram shows.
  19. Soft Top Window Storage Question 2 Door

    I did a quick search but did not spend hours trying to find the answer. Just got my new 2 door home. Put the windows in the storage bag and it says to put it against the back of the rear seat but the bag is too wide. Is this suppose to actually fit behind the 2nd row?
  20. New here. Looking to buy a new Jeep.

    The "Search New Inventory" on shows there are several 2 doors on lots within 100 miles of you. Some Rubicons and a few Willys.