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  1. UConnect Radio stopped working

    Went on a road trip today. 6 hours around trip with my 15y son. He likes to play songs from his phone and while listening to the song my radio froze on the display (showing the image of the song) and turned to the radio. We were able to turn the radio on and off but the display does not change...
  2. Auto start/stop stopped working

    I have a 2018 JL rubicon and a couple of weeks ago my tire pressure was low and the warning light appeared. once I filled the tires the message went away but now my auto start/stop does not work. not sure if they are related or not but happened at the same time. Any suggests on fixing the auto...
  3. Daily driver or second vehicle

    My Rubicon is my daily driver. I love it! I drive about 23 miles each way. Half highway half stop and go. Best ride ever! I. Urgently have the top off and weather permitting will leave it off for a bit. We have two other vehicles but I don’t drive either, the jl is my preferred vehicle.
  4. Using a Rubicon as a daily driver

    I drive my JL 2.0 Turbo Ruby as a DD and love it! Best of both worlds
  5. What Jeep gear did you get for Christmas?

    It is worth the wait. I ordered mine 3 1/2 months. I ordered the soft top, living in FL just throw the top back on the way to/from work Thinking that the sunshade would make a great accessory Post pics when you get it!
  6. What Jeep gear did you get for Christmas?

    Cool, I am thinking about getting one
  7. What Jeep gear did you get for Christmas?

    How do you like the sunshade?
  8. What Jeep gear did you get for Christmas?

    That is where the 2 door sub is located. I would have preferred it being on the side
  9. What Jeep gear did you get for Christmas?

    Bull bar and tailgate table both are from
  10. Lowering the soft top

    question, do you hear the click when lowering your soft top? Pull the latch downward to release the top, and allow the soft top to slide rearward freely in the guide tracks to the stowed position. While pushing downward slightly on the folded soft top, slide the lock lever on the driver and...
  11. Any 2.0L Jeep Wrangler JL in sight for delivery?

    Sorry, I have no idea what KX is. Here is what I have found on statuses The build process is structured on a letter notation system as follows: Status codes and other information Scheduling: (only D1 is reported by MOTS) C – Tentative schedule D – Firm schedule, serial number is assigned...
  12. My Granite Crystal Adventure Jeep

    Nice setup! How does your dog get up in the tent?
  13. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Lovin’ my 2.0 turbo, daily driver, 2 door, stock baby!
  14. Using a Rubicon as a daily driver

    I use mine as a daily driver and love it. I will take it off road, it may only be once a year but worth it to me. I think it rides like a grand Cherokee. Nice smooth ride! I have a soft top and it is a bit noisy but I am used to it now
  15. Running in 4 Hi in the rain

    From the posts I have read, yes.
  16. Running in 4 Hi in the rain

    What is your tire pressure at? When I got mine they were at 41. I lowered it to 36 and now it feels better.more grippy. Worth a shot!