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  1. Colorado Sold: $450, BFG KO2 (5) w/ TPMS, balanced.

    Five BF Goodrich KO2 tires and wheels off my 2018 JL Rubicon. These are the stock 33" tires with 5x5 17" wheels. Recently balanced and come with TPMS sensors. About 30% tread left, 40k miles on them. These are usually good to 50k miles. All were rotated every 3k miles. These were off-roaded a...
  2. Colorado Mopar Genuine 82215351 Winch & Grille Guard

    Still available? I'm in Denver.
  3. River City Offroad is Your SOURCE for Rock Krawler Suspension Systems and Components!

    Just ordered the Falcon 2.2 Nexus Steering Stabilizer from RCO, couldn't find it anywhere at a better price. Free shipping too with the JLWF code!
  4. Giveaway of the Month - December 2019 - 2.5" or 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension, RockSport Edition

    The only thing that would improve this picture would be a Gamechanger Lift!
  5. Giveaway & Sale: Hothead Headliner For JL / JLU!

    Been looking at these, hope to try them out!
  6. Giveaway of the Month - March 2019 -- JL Wrangler Overland Front Tube Fenders

    The kids would love to see these badass fenders on my Jeep! Need to upgrade from the plastic.
  7. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    Been looking at these, would love them for my '18 JLUR!
  8. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    They popped off the front/center of the dash, around all the vent controls/window controls with a trim removal tool. They then had access to vent conduits and were able to remove the debris, it was basically a credit card sized piece of plastic that was blocking the air flow. It took them about...
  9. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    I had this same issue when I first started using the defroster with the cooler weather. The air would only come out of the center defroster vent as the OP shows. I had a sneaking suspicion that this was not supposed to happen as the driver side was fogging over badly. I took it to the dealer...
  10. Giveaway of the Month

    Need a good place to start with my Rubicon. Have been looking seriously at Metalcloak and your systems.
  11. Steering resistance then goes away ..feels dangerous

    I had the TSB mentioned here applied at my dealership last week. I am happy to report that the issue has been resolved completely, steering feels smooth and confident at all temperatures and speeds now! Amazing what some software tweaks can do.
  12. Audio Stuttering with Bluetooth Audio

    I've got the same issue. Audio through Bluetooth begins to stutter intermittently after a minute or so. This has happened on both my phone (Google Pixel 2 XL), and my fiances phone (Samsung Galaxy S6). Our phones have no Bluetooth streaming issues with any other device of ours. It was stuttering...
  13. Steering resistance then goes away ..feels dangerous

    This makes sense as I've experienced the exact same thing. Steering felt perfect all summer but now that the mornings are in the 30's and 40's here in Colorado, my steering above 55mph is so tight I can't turn the steering wheel without a ton of force, then it suddenly jerks to whichever...
  14. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    UPDATE: Fix took only 10 minutes. Turns out the ducting for the defroster had a blockage from the factory. Back to the trails!
  15. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Had it for a week and was so excited to do some wheeling this weekend! Guess where I get to spend most of my word if I'll get it back today or not. Blower for the HVAC system stopped working.
  16. Borla Exhaust for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL!

    Bottom. But they'd have to be tucked further back/higher to avoid being crushed before I'll buy.
  17. Rear window fluid dripping

    Picked up my JLUR on 4/27 with 8 miles on the odometer, haven't had a chance to use the rear washer yet, but there it is...dripping. But haven't seen it actively dripping, like it only does it when there's a temp change from day to night?
  18. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Even though I've taken delivery of my Sting Gray, I still am following everyone here! Hope you all get yours soon enough. After this last weekend, I've had someone different at nearly every stoplight say something about either the JL Wrangler or how amazing the Sting Gray color looks on it...
  19. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    You must have been there at the same time as me! Were you and your wife there and stopped by to talk to salesman Dan?
  20. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    My dealer just called and sent me these pics! My Rubi has arrived! He said it hit the railyard yesterday and he expedited it's shipment from there so I'd have it in time for the beautiful Colorado weekend coming up. Wasn't supposed to be here until Monday! Heading there after work to pick it up...