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  1. Sun Visor Broken

    Well, my 2nd driver side visor (dealer replacement) just broke today. The original one broke in February 2020, and the passenger side broke shortly after that. I had the dealer replace the driver side and I did the repair using a 5/16" push nut on the passenger side. Passenger side is...
  2. Soft Top Options for 2-door JL Sport

    YES! The roll-up rear window was awesome to get out of the way with the elastic bands that snapped around it, and the flat side windows made them easy to store against the back seat and under/behind the top that was folded back. The big, bulky plastic frame that's part of the side windows...
  3. What was your Journey to Owning a Jeep? Post your first Jeep pic!

    LOL Lucas! I had a friend in high school with an MGB, and he spent way more time fixing electrical issues than actually driving the car.
  4. Soft Top Options for 2-door JL Sport

    I'm still disappointed that we're not seeing more aftermarket soft top options for the 2-door. I liked the factory top on my JK that folded all the way down and out of view. I've removed the soft top completely a few times and it is pretty simple and just takes a few minutes (you get faster...
  5. PSA - Don't buy cheap wheel spacers

    They definitely weren't Teraflex. Sorry if I made it sound like they were. They advertised as "T6 aluminum" usually meaning a heat treated grade of aluminum. It was a cheap brand "Richeer" which was less than half of name brands like Spidertrax, Synergy, or Rough Country. I guess they're...
  6. Washboard Road

    I see a lot of people are scared to go under 30 psi. On my last JK I needed a similar psi to get my Duratracs to wear evenly using the chalk test. I'm running about 24 psi on my 295/70/r17 Patagonia M/Ts.
  7. PSA - Don't buy cheap wheel spacers

    Yeah, the studs were advertised and marked Class 12.9, but I'm thinking they cheaped out. I installed the spacers myself and torqued to spec. I can't speak for the shop that mounted/balanced my tires afterwards, but it's a shop I trust and haven't had issues with them before. And none of the...
  8. PSA - Don't buy cheap wheel spacers

    They do stick out slightly, but the stock steel wheels have pockets so they don't come anywhere near contacting the wheels. If using aftermarket wheels, they would need to be trimmed for sure.
  9. PSA - Don't buy cheap wheel spacers

    "Richeer" was the brand name. Found on Amazon - no longer for sale. I'm assuming they're cheap Chinese junk that they sell under multiple names.
  10. PSA - Don't buy cheap wheel spacers

    I picked up these wheel spacers based on price while thinking "Hey, T6 Aluminum is T6 Aluminum. And how can they screw up pressing a lug bolt into a block of aluminum?" Well... I was wrong. While driving home today, I noticed a vibration while turning left. A pretty strong one. I was...
  11. Gas mileage so far

    I was getting 21-22mpg on my 2-door Sport with stock tires. I upgraded to 295/70r17s and I'm getting 17-19mpg... But I really haven't been driving much lately while working from home. I'll need to try out my old commute of 60 miles round-trip at mostly 70mph highway to see what it really is...
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Should've taken more photos, but I installed a Tidal spare tire relocation bracket. 295/70r17 Patagonia M/Ts were rubbing pretty good on the bottom and right without the bracket. Used a 1 1/2" rubber coupler cut to fit to extend the factory bump stops.
  13. Extending the spare tire bump stops

    Thanks for this idea! I used the 1 1/2" coupler and it slipped right over the OEM bump stop snugly. Just cut to length with razor blade.
  14. TechAuthority - Need anything?

    I had a quick question. It was about the Full Service Manual download as pdf... do they have any info about that part? :LOL:
  15. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    I think a Wrangler is one of the vehicles that can really rock an interesting color, and I'm glad Jeep keeps giving us interesting colors like Bikini, Gecko, Dozer, Xtreme Purple and others!
  16. ABS error after recalibration for tire size using Flashcal

    I know this may be an old thread, but I found it by searching this issue and wanted to add. I'm getting the same "unable to initialize ABS" message after entering new tire size. I've tried about a dozen times parked in different flat areas with the steering wheel straight, but keep getting...
  17. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Took the doors and top off and drove around some dirt roads and through the pasture for the hell of it! Great weather today!
  18. Tidal Spare Tire Relocation Bracket??

    Anyone tried this spare tire relocation bracket? I'm in the market for one and saw it while browsing on Amazon. Was considering the Smittybilt, but I'm seeing reviews there and on Quadratec of the bracket having issues. Is it a ripoff of the Rough Country bracket?
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally got my new 295/70r17 Patagonia M/Ts mounted! Last week was 2.5" Rough Country spacer lift and 1.5" wheel spacers. And FYI - 5 295/70r17 tires will JUST fit in the back of a 2-door with the rear seat removed.