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    Thanks, I didn't down that. I must have just made it under the wire with the GC.
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    Unless you had business in WI, you should have bought at Gupton near Nashville. At 7% under invoice, it would have saved you an additional $2500. And they are closer to you. I took delivery of my JL from Gupton at the end of May. 8% under invoice with Tread Lightly and financing . At the...
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    What % below invoice did you get? What was their dealer or doc fee?
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    [email protected] Email is the best way to contact him. Good Luck!
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    I have purchased 2 vehicles in the last 3 months from Gupton near Nashville. Took delivery of the last one on Tuesday. It's a 750 mi drive one way. It's a no brainer at 8% under invoice with affiliate # and financing. He even stepped way up on my trade in this time around. Make a trip out of it...
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    Try On line quote and they might be a better value than Vroom.
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    You can also try They might give you a higher bid than Vroom and they will give you an on line quote.
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    I'm glad I was of some help! What a perfect ending to a great vacation, taking delivery of a brand new Jeep Wrangler. Too bad the grand kids weren't there to enjoy it with you. I'll be making another trip back to Gupton soon. The Grand Cherokee I ordered should be arriving next week. He needs...
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    Yes he did. There is not the same type of latitude on the GC as there is on a wrangler or a gladiator. There are no 8% under invoice deals but he did step up on the trade. I did a factory order and took advantage of the present high used car prices. I would get a quote from a local dealer and...
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    Good move buying from Gupton. Nice people to do business with. The Grand Cherokee will be my second purchase from them in 3 mos. I wasn't aware of any laws in Florida about extended warranties. Sounds to me like an F&I manger was trying not to discount a warranty and feeding a line of BS. I...
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    I had to go back and look at the context of the post. I think I was responding to the post above yours and realized I was on the wrong thread after it was to late. He said that his deal was 4% under invoice, with a $995 dealer fee. So the high dealer fee is actually making his deal around 2%...
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    Yes to both questions. I paid The dealer the 8% below ++ at the dealership. When I registered the vehicle in Florida I wrote a check directly to the DMV for tax and plates.
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    From Daniel.
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    They asked that I finance at least 10K. That was 5 wks ago. Maybe they have changed the rules.
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    Cash price is 7% under invoice with an affiliate like tread lightly. 6% under is standard with no affiliate, but a $499 dealer fee. So actually the dealer fee erases 1%. My deal was 8% under with 0% financing at Gupton. Because of the 0% I financed a portion, otherwise I would have paid cash.
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    I paid the fees out of pocket. If the dealer is in your state they will bundle it into your financing. If it's out of state, it depends on the dealer. They might collect the fees up front and cut you a check, made out to your state tax collector. Then you pay the tax when you get home. The...
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    The paperwork and financing are done the day you pick up the vehicle. Depending on your credit and how much you are going to finance, they might ask you for a credit app up front and get you pre approved ahead of time. A sold order is extra inventory for the dealer that they normally wouldn't...
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    Gupton gave me a TN temporary tag good for 30 days, along with the CO with a Seller's Invoice to take to my DMV in Florida. At the DMV I paid FL sales tax and registration fee's for FL plates.
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    I think he's paying 3% under invoice. Basically invoice less the 3% holdback plus 75 doc or dealer fee