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  1. Clutch Recall - new clutch pics

    Hey do you happen to have the part numbers for all those new parts? I need to order it but cant find it anywhere
  2. Need advice: Clutch replacement

    No I was not happy with the clutch however it could be another symptom of the recall? When I'm shifting fast I would get a grinding sound from the gear box, especially on 3rd gear - I've actually seen few posts around here in regards to that but no one really pinpointed what's the cause but I...
  3. Need advice: Clutch replacement

    Thanks, I've just checked Kennedy Engineering - they do not make a kit for the JL.
  4. Need advice: Clutch replacement

    Yes , FedEx usually ships through Australia but since covid they sometimes ship through Fiji. But still I need an advice for what should I buy :)
  5. Need advice: Clutch replacement

    Hello fellow Jeep owners, I've bought my first Jeep last year 2018 JL Rubicon 2Door Manual and recently my clutch started slipping so I found there is a recall issued for my vehicle. Thing is I've exported my Rubicon out of the states (I live in Vanuatu :) and so no dealer would be able to...
  6. Asking recommendations for bumpers and LED

    Hey guys, Just in the process of purchasing my first Wrangler. I'm getting a used low miles JL Rubicon and unfortunately it doesn't have steel bumpers and the LED package. I have been looking around reading reviews but thought you guys would have a good input. So what I'm looking to get is...