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  1. Mopar Synthetic Fluid or Aftermarket?

    Make sure you only put in 5 quarts 6 quarts of blinker fluid causes thousands in damage
  2. Gas mileage when lifted with 35s?

    Did the dealer recalibrate the speedometer to account for the 35's if not the mileage may be off?
  3. How important is color in your vehicle choice?

    For me colors fall into three catagories 1) the one you want, 2) the ones you'll tolerate, 3) the ones you can't stand. You'll have look at it a lot so get as high up the list as you can.
  4. If FCA Said We Will BuyBack Your Jeep - What Would You Get?

    Here's my list: 1) 2020 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited 3.0 Diesel 2) 2020 Ram Power Wagon 3) 2020 Ford Raptor Super Crew
  5. Question on the start/stop work?

    Make sure you put enough pressure on the brake when I first got my jeep I was pressing the brake to lightly and it wouldn't kick in until I pressed a little firmer.
  6. Loud Ticking Sound At Idle - FIXED

    Looks like they put 6 quarts of oil in your engine that only takes 5!
  7. Clunk when flexing Rubi front axle offroad - normal? Sounds like a spring moving?

    Doesn't sound normal something may be loose shock, track bar, control arm, etc. I would start by taking it to the dealer and let them check everything out.
  8. Heated seats and steering wheel?

    Never use it definitely not worth $1000 turn the heater on and the jeep's plenty warm in a few minutes.
  9. Rubicon Express 4in lift

    That seems kinda steep it sounds like they are selling you more than you need. A long arm lift is generally for more extreme off road use, Honestly to run 35s with mostly street use a 2" Mopar or Dynatrac lift with wheels and tires is more than enough IMO.
  10. US Made Oil Filters?

    Not sure what rating is but it's the OEM filter so it's good enough that's for sure!
  11. US Made Oil Filters?

    Mopar filter MO-394 says made in USA on the box
  12. Coolant Temperature

    The OEM thermostat is designed to open at 203 degrees
  13. Difference between Red Rubicon shocks and Fox Rubicon shocks?

    Here's an article that provides some information about the differences:
  14. After getting your JL, what option do you regret not getting?

    Universal garage door opener on a Sport S
  15. Crashed my Jeep:(

    It will never be the same I would not keep it even if they repair it.
  16. Firewood alternative for overlanding/campfires?

    There are a few propane camp fire setups on the market I have one that I take when going to the desert where there is no wood. Heres the one I have Camco Little Red Campfire
  17. Wind Noise on Passenger Side

    Thanks for the tip, my 2019 JLU as done this since the day I drove it home from the dealer I will try this and report back.
  18. Battery protection mode please help!!!!

    Here are the reasons the ESS will not stop, see 2019 owners manual page 343. • Driver’s seat belt is not buckled. • Driver’s door is not closed. • Battery temperature is too warm or cold. (I get the "Battery Protection Mode" message after a long drive on a warm day) • Battery charge is low. •...