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  1. Center console organizer

    Just did an Amazon search for these organizers. Indeed, there's dozens of identical versions on there you can buy. Just purchased the upper+lower and obviously, made sure to get the Vehicle OCD ones. Thanks @salex, this should really help with center console storage.
  2. Rubicon now requires upgraded wheels?

    Unfortunately, they can and they will. While they can force you to purchase the unwanted "upgrade", they can't force you to buy the Jeep. You can always say NO. It's a conscious decision you have to make. In my case, the decision was already made about getting a MY20 Rubicon, so when the system...
  3. Rubicon now requires upgraded wheels?

    Yeah, this is coming right from the dealer's system. I was at the dealer a couple weeks ago and you didn't have to order the upgraded ones.
  4. Rubicon now requires upgraded wheels?

    Nope. Had to pay extra. Worst is that I like the stock wheels much better.
  5. Rubicon now requires upgraded wheels?

    Had the same issue while ordering today. WGR wheels are required now. It even stated that in the system when they were unchecked.