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  1. Squadbox Install

    The two main reasons I went with the SquadBox was that it was obvious it can support weight on the top (albeit that's from pictures showing someone standing on it), and I didn't need to buy any additional parts to install. Since I only have a soft top, the Diabolical would have required...
  2. So. Indiana to Traverse City Mi

    Growing up in the middle of the state, west of Bay City, I was always on the west coast. To me, it starts at Ludington, although my first trip to Silver Lake last year was nice as well. South of that is overpopulated with vacationers from Chicago. And the farther north you go, the better it gets.
  3. AC Leaking Water on Passenger Floor

    On a brand-new car, definitely need the dealer to address. But my old Cherokee, it was the drain hose. Blow some compressed air into it and the leak stopped.
  4. Squadbox Install

    I had an email from Tyler that had a PDF of instructions that included a BOM, and links to several videos for the in-vehicle install. These were geared for a JL. It came with the tracking number for the shipment.
  5. Squadbox Install

    I installed mine on Saturday, and also ran out of screws. Were you short the 1" Philips head? I had the quantity on the BOM, but not what was needed to install. After watching the video a few times, I finally figured out that the square pieces with an offset hole is a space between the side...
  6. Doggy Seatbelt This one on Amazon has worked well for my Lab. The harness we use is from Cabelas.
  7. I love my manual Jeep, but...

    I probably hit the Hazard switch 3-4 times in the first few weeks, but none since then (picked up in June). And my biggest issue with the window switches in when my wife starts adjusting them while I'm trying to take off from a stop. I tend to say in 2 a lot longer those times! I'm at about...
  8. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Cliff Drive, Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula.
  9. Mirrors For Doors Off Question

    I went with the Lange Coyote mirrors. I like the way they install as opposed to the ones that go through the upper hinge, even though they were way more expensive. As for real world use, I haven't had a chance to try them much yet, but will have a better idea at the end of the month after...
  10. Beer / New & Favorites

    I'm by no means an expert, but I have fun with it! Feel free to message any time!
  11. Beer / New & Favorites

    It's really easy to get started. I first brewed 1 gallon from a company "Craft-A-Brew", and worked my way up from there. A first kit is about $50, plus a couple 4 packs of Grolsch for easy bottling (and to drink while you wait). Then I just added pieces here and there to get my batch sizes up.
  12. Beer / New & Favorites

    I was brewing extract/steeping for years, partial boil at first then full boil on a turkey burner. Last year I got an Anvil Foundry to do all grain in one vessel (I don't have a lot of space for storage here), and as an added bonus I can brew indoors in the basement, and use the dryer...
  13. Beer / New & Favorites

    I brew my own, so that's the majority of my stock. But I also support Michigan brewers, particularly Jolly Pumpkin, Old Nation, and a small place near my office in Wixom called The Drafting Table.
  14. Car(makers) trends you hate the most

    Oh, our Ram, in Laramie trim, has the 12" screen. The difference we saw was it looks better integrated on the Ram version, and stuck on as a "we need it bigger!" option on the Ford.
  15. Car(makers) trends you hate the most

    This is the main reason we decided to look at Ram trucks instead of an F-150 when we replaced my wife's Explorer. The cheap looking interior and the afterthought large screen were such a turn off we didn't even go look at one.
  16. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    Had my Jeep for only a month and got my first duck! The kids were highly amused!
  17. Uconnect 8.4 touch screen not responding

    My Ram just did this today. Everything but the audio worked. Power cycle the truck solved it, and it’s happened maybe 3 times in the last 11 months. Leads me to expect the same behavior in the new JLU.
  18. BonusDrive

    I think I'm going to ask them again, then see about a reset. When I submitted through their site, it just asked for supporting documents, so I sent a picture of my membership card. Then I got an email that they needed proof of employment, not membership.
  19. BonusDrive

    How should the membership work? I tried signing up as an NRA member, and the response was I need to show that I'm an employee. Hoopster3 mentions being a Costco member, but that doesn't show up in their search box now. Did they change eligibility requirements?