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  1. Rebel Summit Series Rear Bumper Giveaway

    Thanks for the giveaway!
  2. The Pit Bull & Jeep Adventures Journal

    Well the dedication/time spent definitely paid off! I hope to be half that knowledgeable one day :whew:
  3. The Pit Bull & Jeep Adventures Journal

    Wow.... something to definitely aim for! Where is that second shot!? At first glance it looks like mountain tops above the clouds but then looking closer it looks like you're on a beach right?
  4. The Pit Bull & Jeep Adventures Journal

    He's just doing his own version of off roading ;) he doesnt need a Jeep to get dirty for him lol
  5. Jeep Dog pics

    I've been asking Kali the same thing... she needs to start contributing so we can start building her her dream dogo Jeep :CWL:
  6. Jeep Dog pics

    When your build budget doesn't include a winch....
  7. The Pit Bull & Jeep Adventures Journal

    The first 3 are around Storrs CT on a few random dirt roads and pull offs that I found last weekend. The 4th picture was at Bigelow Hollow State Park which had a few dirt roads connecting a ton of gorgeous hiking trails that was a great google find! The next 4 were from Bolton Notch State Park...
  8. The Pit Bull & Jeep Adventures Journal

    Haven't had time lately to make a new video of Kali and I's adventures but I have been able to take some time to try to refine my photography skills so I thought I would share. Please let me know what you think!
  9. Jeep Dog pics

    Gorgeous pup!
  10. Nexen Tire JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    The wrap on this one looks awesome! I wonder who did it and how costly it would be to do a little toned down version of this...
  11. Suntop JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    Any indication on price for the integrated roof top tent? They specifically say "for those who dont want a heavy and expensive roof rack" but im sure that just means its lighter and basically the same cost :LOL:
  12. Few pics from 1st day at SEMA

    @TankCustomsAlex Let us know if you see any soft top compatible roof racks or tops that double as a roof top tent!
  13. Rugged Ridge JL Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    Nice to see that they made a tail light cover for those of us who didnt opt for the LED package!
  14. Tennessee New Cavfab steel stubby bumper with pre runner hoop

    Totally makes sense. I'd rather support a small company and wait any day though!
  15. Tennessee New Cavfab steel stubby bumper with pre runner hoop

    Too far from you also which is a shame but how do you like their quality? The thing looks super solid and the price is way better than others that look to be the same build quality.
  16. The Pit Bull & Jeep Adventures Journal

    Thank you and welcome to the forum!
  17. Jeep Dog pics

    Here’s a little montage of Kali living her best Jeep dog life!
  18. 508 International Oct 19-20

    Awesome ill check it out! I love taking the Jeep off road but around me that means pinstripe city so I was curious to see how wide the trails were
  19. 508 International Oct 19-20

    Looks like an awesome time from the website! I'm definitely going to try to make this and really curious to see what the trails look like. Has anyone else on here been to one of their events?