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  1. 2 Door Roof Rack Options

    Have you checked out Gobi?
  2. 2 Door Roof Rack Options

    Will this be a backbone-type (drill into roof) setup?
  3. Hood Strut Kit

    True but maybe a simple note on the dash/passenger seat would stop any mishaps before they happen. I must say, I was surprised the first time I opened my hood.
  4. Hood Strut Kit

    Any issues not telling a dealership you have hood struts installed? I'm picturing your Jeep under a lift/overhead object and the technician assuming he can open it 'low' and it springs up. Maybe I'm over thinking this? Ha.
  5. New Jersey FS: OEM Jeep Carpet Floor Mats (Front and Rear) for 2018+ 2 Door JL

    I decided to go rubber so these OEM carpet floor mats are in need of a new home. Will fit 2018+ 2 Door JL. Used for about a month, the only signs of "wear" are some dog hair stragglers tracked in by shoes. Easily vacuumed. Asking $55. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Local...
  6. OEM Steel Bumper vs. ARB Classic (and AEV)

    Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I don't have any first hand experience with any of these products (haven't even had the opportunity to see one in person). Being from the east coast, deer are the biggest offenders here. I have seen a few of those hoop options too. I feel as though...
  7. OEM Steel Bumper vs. ARB Classic (and AEV)

    Your JK looks great with the ARB. It's those kinds of stories (couple that hit a deer that you shared) that have me leaning towards the ARB as well. I want as much protection as possible (but as I mentioned earlier, I'm equally concerned about airflow). Do you feel that AEV offers just as much...
  8. OEM Steel Bumper vs. ARB Classic (and AEV)

    Some days I lean towards the looks of the ARB, others the AEV. Maybe I need to see each in person. I'll probably end up sticking with my factory steel front bumper because I cannot make a decision (ha!).
  9. Smittybilt Gen 3 XRC 9.5 Comp winch in a factory steel bumper

    Looks good, I like that it sits low. Do you mind explaining the differences (pros/cons) of a hook vs. this Smittybilt end vs. Factor 55?
  10. New Mopar Steel Bumper (2019 release) Installed?

    I believe OP is referring to this: Link:
  11. OEM Steel Bumper vs. ARB Classic (and AEV)

    Wow. Do you have a picture of your Jeep/front bumper when it happened? Was your frame checked? The more I see the AEV, the more I like it (I'm just about sold on the rear - if I decide to upgrade). Since I've figured out how to add a picture, let's throw in another ARB for good measure.
  12. OEM Steel Bumper vs. ARB Classic (and AEV)

    Interesting. That's too bad. For the rear, I much prefer the continuous lines of the AEV.
  13. OEM Steel Bumper vs. ARB Classic (and AEV)

    @JurassicJeep12 Thank you for sharing your pictures, looks great! I agree on the rear. As I mentioned previously, in my opinion, the ARB doesn’t appear to line up with the rear fenders as cleanly [as stock]. With that said, I have not seen the rear in person.
  14. Hood Strut Kit

    Thank you very much for your feedback!
  15. Hood Strut Kit

    For those of you with the Redline Tuning struts, how much force does it take to close? @Punkindave I am a woman of small stature and like your wife, the prop is tough for me too. Just curious if once open, I'll be able to reach and pull it back down.
  16. OEM Steel Bumper vs. ARB Classic (and AEV)

    I haven't made any decisions yet. One day I'm leaning towards the ARB, the next I'm more than content with OEM. Why do you feel that most alternatives would be a downgrade?
  17. 2 Door Roof Rack Options

    @AgentTML Thank you for your follow up. Please share a picture of the Thule box once mounted. Great news that you hadn't noticed an increase in wind noise - that's one of my concerns with any rack system. I'm eager to hear what you think after living with it for a bit.
  18. 2 Door Roof Rack Options

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing what you think. Thank you for sharing this link too, helpful to see all of the configurations (especially kayaks and RTT).