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  1. New Jersey 315/70/17 (35) BFG TA KO2 C-rated tires - $500

    Will these fit on stock JL Sport rims without a lift?
  2. Connecticut 4xe tires/wheels

    What is the mileage and what are you looking to sell them for?
  3. New York JT Rubi Take-Offs

    Still available?
  4. New Jersey Nitto Ridge Grappler 295/70/17

    Still available?
  5. New Jersey Falken AT3W takeoffs (5)

    Still available?
  6. New Jersey 5 Upgraded OEM JLUR Wheels

    any better pictures of the wheels? 20k + miles ?
  7. Pennsylvania Rubicon wheels

    Ok. Can I send you a PM?
  8. New Jersey 5 Upgraded OEM JLUR Wheels

    All 5? Are you including tires or just wheels?
  9. New Jersey 5 Upgraded OEM JLUR Wheels

    Still available?
  10. New Jersey Stock 18 JL Rubi tires& Rims

    Still available?
  11. New Jersey 2020 Willys wheels

    Still available?
  12. Pennsylvania Rubicon wheels

    How many miles are on them?
  13. Connecticut Rubicon wheels n tires (5)

    I think I sent you a direct message. Not good at these forums. Let me know if it is a scenario that works.