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  1. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Jeep finally saw some snow couple weeks back
  2. Iowa UPR Catch Can

    Still available?
  3. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    i don’t know if this is a JL Borah thing but I’ve Over torqued my jk borah just a little bit several times. I’ve taken them off and put them back on with an impact and torqued. even rubbed the bolts all up against rocks. not one bolt has ever broken. Probably just a bad batch from Aev
  4. Valve Cover Oil Leak

    Isn’t the o2 sensor on the exhaust manifold/header? Mines crying and leaking from the cam positioning sensor on top towards the front of the valve cover. with the dust from the trails it looks really dirty and it really does bug me, I found a replacement for the gasket and it looks like it goes...
  5. Valve Cover Oil Leak

    My valve covers have been wet from the same are and looks like mine is possibly worst than yours. I also thought the dealer putting 6 quarts was the issue but I started doing the oil change myself and cleaned up the covers and now they are back to being wet again. I really don’t want to drop off...
  6. AEV Borah beadlock tire compatibility

    Nice! Yea I’ve see a couple of stt pros on the aev beadlock. I’m either trying to go with Patagonia’s or a Goodyear MTR tire but either way I think I’ll be fine
  7. AEV Borah beadlock tire compatibility

    Has anybody ran different tires other than the listed compatible tires on the AEV website? I know people of had luck with the STT pro but I’m hoping to run the milestar Patagonia. Has anyone had luck running them in the beadlock configuration? Currently running a 37 k02
  8. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    Here’s a closer pic.
  9. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    Sure did. There’s a little cover that goes on over the camera. I ended up sanding the base down till it went through the wheel bore. But it’ll fit even without that cover
  10. California Sold: AEV 2.5” lift

    Springs and Shocks have around 1,000/1,500 miles on them. Had one defective spring on the original set of springs and they swapped everything out for me. This set of springs and shock works flawlessly without issues. Rest of the kit has roughly 4/5,000 miles on it. Rear sway bar links aren’t...
  11. Service ESC & ESS Disabled in 4H

    jeep was not fixed, the more the dealer puts hand on it the worst it got. They flew out engineers and after they touched it it left me stranded twice. I ended getting a buy back from FCA and got another JLU. No problem with this one
  12. AEV 2.5"

    I have no complaints with this lift, I did notice it took some time for the lift to settle but once it did it looks amazing. Paired with jk borah beadlocks the offroad comfort and performance is great. Way better than stock in my opinion
  13. AEV 2.5

    If you have a loaded rubicon with all the options and steel bumper the lift is actually close to 2.5. I had plastic bumpers and my lift was close to 3 inch but honestly it effected nothing as far as ride quality. Once I get steel bumpers and more armor on the Jeep I’m sure it’ll even out
  14. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    Using those spacers will only shove the wheel out and the camera in. Depending on what wheels your planning on running you might not see anything from the back up camera when you run spacers
  15. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    I haven’t installed the tire carrier yet, I ordered the evo tire carrier but they are on back order so it’ll probably be a couple weeks before I do the install and combat that issue. The shop I purchased my lift from told me they have done quite a few JL with JK specific wheels and they’ve had...
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yes they were! Are you local?
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    AEV 2.5 lift AEV borah beadlocks (jk) BFG K02 37’s Fell in love with my Jeep once again
  18. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    I went with 37’s. Seen too many post how people regret not going with 37’s when they went with 35’s. And I don’t regret it.