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  1. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    I must of got luck and was in one of the first batches sent out.
  2. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    I hope they get you fixed. I think it took maybe a week or just under to get the box and just over a week to send it and get it back.
  3. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    I’m guessing they’re just going in and replacing the motherboard. Mine just arrived there today and I already got a email they’re finished and it will be shipped out within the next 3 days.
  4. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    Just took mine off and shipped it this afternoon. Hopefully I get it back quickly. I’d like to have it back before Jeep Beach.
  5. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Finally got my badges done. Working on what else to put with it right now. I k ow everyone won’t get the theme, but we love it.
  6. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    A little fun at Red Bird SRA las weekend earning some badges.
  7. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    That’s why o had to get these because of chips from rocks.
  8. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    I do like that dash, but I’m not sure I wanna take mine apart. Lol
  9. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Finally got to take it off road today after having it a year. Lol. Man this thing is a beast. Flat spotted my exhaust tips but other than that everything is all good.
  10. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    I was curious because I k ow a few guys that had them in their Rams and didn’t like it. Of course they got them when they first came out too. So I was curious about it in a Wrangler and if it’s worth the extra cost.
  11. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Inquiring minds want to know how the diesel is?
  12. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    A guy I work wit has one just like this
  13. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    The V-6 I thought about the I-4 but I could justify the extra cost.
  14. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Yup. But it fits tight.
  15. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Got everything done and I think it came out nice. The Flowmaster sounds awesome.
  16. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Working on a face lift more to come later.
  17. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    I love the color so much I got a Z28 in the same color. I’m living teenage me dream and bad ass 4x4 and a bad ass sports car.
  18. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Pictures never do it justice. You’ll love it. I’ve never had so many compliments and on lookers than I’ve had with this one. It does change color somewhat depending on the sun and the angle. They always look more blue in pictures for some reason and the digital on the builder is even worse. Just...
  19. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    I just seen some of those hinge covers today and I believe I’m going to get some because that’s where I get the most rock chips. y