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  1. Should I wait for 2018 Wrangler?

    But we're comparing to the teething issues of a model (JK) that was introduced 10 years ago. Production quality, quality control, and engineering processes have surely advanced since then. So it might be a case where the initial issues for the JL/JLU are more minor and less frequent than when...
  2. JL or JLU, which will you choose?

    Assuming there are no other major differences besides the usual as with the JK/JKU (will there be?) I will go ahead and say 4 door. If they can improve some of the on road 'weaknesses' of the 2 dr I may reconsider but would have to drive one to see.
  3. Jeep Pickup (JT) Spied With Production-Intent Bed!

    Would be a shame if they couldn't deliver a JT with fully removable top and rear window considering the AEV Brutes were able to go fully top/windowless. This thing is bada$$ and my want is high :involve:
  4. 2018 Wish List

    I think he's probably referring to the base halogens which look like they will remain for the JL at least on the Sport. I'm not holding my breath that the base headlights will improve at all but at least it's a decent price they are asking for the LED upgrade. I just never understood why it took...
  5. Video: 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara

    Great if true, that would mean the fender vents are functional. :like:
  6. Say hi to the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU

    And fog lights moved to edge of bumper, V shaped grille, body line on sides.. No it doesn't actually look like a TJ, but it has brought back a lot of its design traits. I guess that fender vent will be the JL's signature. The way it flows with the body line makes me think it will standard...
  7. Say hi to the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU

    I'm struggling to see many differences and you think THAT looks like a family SUV? Better give up your JK then lol Like others said it really just mixed together JK and TJ into one design.
  8. Pictures of Rear End on Alpine's Web Site

    Someone change the thread title! this got me so excited. For what its worth I doubt Alpine will be one of the few vendors that get any sneak peeks at the JL. Probably only the OE suppliers that are codeveloping parts.
  9. Which JL engine are you most interested in?

    Agreed and they probably make more off the JGC and would want to sell more of those not less in comparison to the Wrangler.
  10. More confirmation 2018 Jeep Wrangler production starts Nov., pre-production much earlier

    Yet the JK is the best selling Wrangler ever go figure. :) You see it with every new model, a lot of people saying the current one is the last "true" xxxx But then those TJ owners bagging on the JK or JL warm up to it when they join the club. Because once they have no choice but to upgrade...
  11. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Aluminum Parts Confirmed by Alcoa

    the TJ is plenty light compared to JK (~400 lbs) but the JK gets +4 MPG more due to the 3.6L Pentastar. weight reduction has other advantages but for MPG they can do more with powertrain upgrades.
  12. What is a mild hybrid Wrangler?

    Speaking of low speed instant 100% torque, these electric Wrangler conversions show just how effective and useful it is. I was not high on the thought of a hybrid or electric Wrangler until seeing this. I'm warming to the idea now :)
  13. Jeep CEO- new Wrangler "probably" not debuting until second half of 2017

    Good find. So that would rule out both Detroit and NY shows and also Easter Jeep Safari since they're all in the first half to the year. And the LA show is way late in the year. An independent reveal by Jeep itself seems most likely then?
  14. JK May Become "Wrangler Classic"

    Link please? That's interesting that they already confirmed it publicly. Anyone remember if there was any overlap during the TJ to JK switch over?
  15. JK May Become "Wrangler Classic"

    I wouldn't put much stock in this. I just came across the article on Jalopnik and it seems to be total conjecture by the author. "It’s also been hypothesized (by me) that Jeep may continue to sell the current Wrangler as a “Wrangler Classic” for the first year that the new vehicle is...
  16. JL Roof

    I meant it will take getting used to seeing the lack of sport bar which would only be visible without doors/roof. From the side view if the JL looks like the renders it will have the body colored roof and C pillar frame even with all the panels removed. Personally I've always liked the sport...
  17. Limited production? Price?

    I can see it selling tens of thousands in just a few months. But I wonder how much of those sales will be sales that would have otherwise gone to the 2 and 4 door Wranglers vs stealing sales from other pickup alternatives.
  18. JL Roof

    I'd like to see it also. No doors/roof and no sport bar is going to take some adjusting to get used to.
  19. JK May Become "Wrangler Classic"

    I dont think I've ever seen two different versions of the same car with same model year being built simultaneously but on different platforms like that. A special edition maybe but as part of the regular line up? Strange decision. Almost like telling its buyers even the company itself is not...
  20. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Roof Design Previewed in Clay Models

    So it's true that the roof will be mostly fixed. I guess this replaces the sport bar completely? My question is whether this is going to be standard for all models?